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Our beautiful daughter, Milli, passed away on April 9th 2012, following a year-long battle with a brain-stem tumour. We were privileged to have had a walking, talking angel by our side for ten magical years and whilst we wish she could have stayed longer, that wish was never in our power.  

What we can do is support charities that make children's lives happier and healthier. 

Milli  was a joyful, loving girl with an infectious giggle and a passion for life.  She truly was the girl who danced as if no one was watching, sang as if no one was listening and lived each day as if it were her last.  Always in the moment, Milli embraced her life and all she endured with extraordinary strength, determination and dignity.

 In early 2011, I noticed changes in Milli.  Her once feisty, fun personality became contemplative and withdrawn, her speech became rather slurred and she seemed constantly tired. I had my concerns but nothing could have prepared me for the news we received in May 2011; that she had an inoperable brain-stem tumor.

To be told my precious daughter would live no more than 3 to 10 months felt like being stabbed in the heart and, frankly, I would have preferred that option, were it given to me.  Milli herself was confused and sad to be missing out on the last term in junior school and on a life that she was so looking forward to living.  After the initial disbelief, tears, confusion and anger came a strange acceptance and no more so than from my daugher. In spite of her declining health she was resolute, and she remained strong, loving and laughing throughout. 

We want to honour Milli by asking that your donation be accompanied by a pledge to enrich your own life, as she did ours.  It need not be a grand gesture, because as our girl taught us, there is such power and strength in little things. Examples of pledges received are: "I will write to all those I love, to tell them so".  "I will leave my old novels on the train, with a note for a stranger to enjoy and share". "My family will work in a soup kitchen on Christmas Day'.  Your vital donation will support the valuable work of these charities, your pledge will spread happiness and will carry on the goodness and pure love that was, and always will be, Milli. 

Thank you for helping us reach our target of raising £1,000,000 for charities and projects that make the lives of children healthier and happier - all inspired by our one in a million girl MILLI. 

With deep gratitude,  Anita Kaushal

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