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Munro Challenge Doggy Bag Fund

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Thank you for taking the time to visit my JustGiving page, and for anything you contribute to the charities I am raising money for.

JustGiving is simple, fast and totally secure; they won't pass on your details or send unwanted emails. They also give the money directly to the charity.

The two charities I have chosen reflect my great respect for the amazing qualities and talents of dogs. Not only will the dogs, trained by these charities, transform and - in some instances - save lives, they will also be cared for and cherished in loving homes. My four pet Border Collies have enriched (and are enriching) my live during nearly 30 years.This giving is a way of paying back for their contribution to my happy life.

As I was approaching 60 I wanted to mark the occasion, and I needed to do something that was optimistic, forward looking and personally challenging, to banish memories of the very difficult year that had just past. What better than to do more of what I love best – walking the hills – but taking my experience of the activity into a new league, as late middle age began rubbing shoulders with old age. Walking all 282 Scottish mountains over 3,000 feet, The Munros,
between my 60th & 70th birthdays, with my new puppy Ben, certainly fitted the bill, albeit a somewhat ambitious bill. It just seemed natural to raise money for charity as I went. If I was going to put myself through it I could, at least, try and do some good as a result of it.

Canine Partners support the pairing of a trained dog with a disabled person.The dogs are able to do many practical tasks that the person can not such as: open doors, load and unload washing machines, pick up dropped items and assist dressing. Equally important is the emotional bond that develops which often helps to restore confidence that has been undermined by the persons impairments. They are amazing dogs, transforming lives.

Search and Rescue dogs use their hyper sensory equipment, their noses, to sniff out missing people. Often on the hills, but also in more urban environments where they might go looking for people with dementia,who have wondered off, or people who are having a personal crisis and can't be found. The just giving page if you prefer to give to searchand rescue dogs is:

You can see the dogs at work in you tube clips at this facebook group:

You can follow my adventure at:

Ben's take on the whole thing is on his dog blog at:

You  can follow him by clicking on the follow button, in the bottom right hand corner of his blog. This comes up as you run your cursor over the page.

Thank you again, your contribution will go towards great work. It will also inspire me to keep going, when energy and motivation are flagging, and fear is getting the better of me.


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