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We're proud to announce that the next Stomp from TeamJKT will be ‪#‎PoppyStomp‬. An epic journey of 5,000 miles across Europe. Visiting the ten largest & most neglected war graves and laying a wreath at each spreading the remembrance story of over 50,000 fallen heroes. We'll be raising funds for 4 charities: Pilgrim Bandits CharityRoyal British LegionCommonwealth War Graves Commission and finally Simon on the Streets. Aiming to raise over £10,000. Starting on November 6th and returning to Leeds by the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. We hope you'll support us. 

From some of the largest to some of the least attended, it’s a huge journey. We’ve consulted widely and we’re now able to confirm the War Graves that we’ll be visiting across Europe. 

Tyne Cot Memorial, Passendale, Flanders, Belgium  
Commemorating over 35,000 fallen soldiers. Containing the final resting places of some of the 217,195 Commonwealth and 399,950 German Soldiers who died in the frozen fields of Belgium in the first World War. We Will Remember Them. 

Dunkirk Memorial, Dunkirk, France
Commemorating 4506 Fallen soldiers lost during the evacuation of France in 1939 and 1940 and those soldiers who have no known grave from this period of history. We Will Remember Them. 

St Sever Cemetery, Rouen, France
Commemorating 3080 fallen heroes, St Sever, the allied hospital from the first World War, this site remembers those wounded soldiers who lost their lives in the hospital camps on this site. We Will Remember Them. 

Reichswald Forest War Cemetery, Kleve, Germany
Commemorating 7594 fallen heroes who died in the closing stages of World War 2. Many of those buried here were members of the land forces who died as they advanced through the forest in 1945, including a significant number from the 6th Airborne Division. Reichswald is also the final resting place of many airmen who supported the allied advance into the heartland of Germany. We Will Remember Them. 

Klagenfurt War Cemetery, Klagenfurt, Austria
Commemorating 589 fallen commonwealth soldiers captured, prisoned and lost in the Spittal Drau and Wolfsburg Concentration Camps during World War 2. We Will Remember Them. 

Cassino War Cemetery, Cassino, Italy
Commemorating 4271 fallen commonwealth soldiers. During the early months of 1944, Cassino saw some of the fiercest fighting of the Italian campaign, the town itself and the dominating Monastery Hill proving the most stubborn obstacles encountered in the advance towards Rome. The majority of those buried in the war cemetery died in the battles during these months. We Will Remember Them. 

Gradara War Cemetery, Gradara, Italy
Commemorating 1191 fallen soldiers. The site for the cemetery was chosen in November 1944 and it contains the graves of casualties incurred during the advance from Ancona to Rimini, which broke the German's heavily defended Gothic Line, and in the heavy fighting around Rimini, which was taken by the Allies on 21 September 1944.

Bilbao War Cemetery, Bilbao, Spain
A little visit British site, commemorating 56 war dead from the two World wars, including heroes from the Merchant Navy. We Will Remember Them.  
Berlin War Cemetery. 3198 Fallen. Berlin, Germany

Mazargues War Cemetery. Marseille, France.
Commemorating 1487 soldiers from World War 1 and 267 from World War 2 who lost their lives defending the strategic Mediterranean port of Marseille. We Will Remember Them. 

Berlin War Cemetery. Berlin, Germany. 
Commemorating over 4,000 fallen heroes. Graves were brought to the cemetery from the Berlin area and from eastern Germany. . The great majority of those buried here, approximately 80 per cent of the total, were airmen who were lost in the air raids over Berlin and the towns in eastern Germany. The remainder were men who died as prisoners of war, some of them in the forced march into Germany from camps in Poland, in front of the advancing Russians. 

The cemetery contains 3,595 Commonwealth burials of the Second World War, 397 of them unidentified. We Will Remember Them.

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