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Thanks for visiting our team fundraising page.

We've joined together to raised money for Tommy's Baby charity for a pre-term birth project.& for Bliss Charity who offer the support to thosands of parents each day. 

PPROM - What does this mean? - Why Research?  
Welcome to our group, all members have either experience PPROM or know of someone that have PPROM and there are others who believe in Tommy's baby charity & Bliss charity into the importance of raising awareness and believe in research and the importance of support, and by helping others have a healthy pregnancy. 
Every one is welcome to join, you can raise anything from £10 to thousands, as every £1 helps, and the more that join, the more awareness we make of both the charities and the one of the many pregnancy issues that the charity researches. 
My belief is, that if we all work together, and all take part, that we can achieve more, all are welcome...................... 
PPROM Stands for premature rupture of membranes before 37 weeks of pregnancy otherwise when your waters break.  
Why is it important to research PPROM; Currently this will happen in 3 percent of pregnancies and this can happen to any one, you can have a picture first pregnancy with your first born, and your next pregnancy it can happen to you, or your third and so on. 
It is important to research to help find out who is at risk, as currently know one knows who is at risk, what they do know is that they believe the causes can be due to a number of reasons and these are just only a few of these, 
1. BV infection
2. Group B Strep
3. Other UTI infection 
4. Bleeding 
5. Placenta
6. Baby not developing 
7. Weak cervix 
Many of the group who have joined this team project have either gone through losing there waters, but manage to carry to term, or till around 34weeks, however this is not always the happy ending for all, for others they have to make decisions on to carry on with the pregnancy or try to maintain the pregnancy, 
Sadly though not enough information is available to parents and it is down to pure luck if you are in touch with the right medical conditions, 
We are working along with Tommy's to bring a research project to investigate who is at risk, how to detect if your waters have been broken, and by doing this we are raising awareness, by sharing our stories on our separate giving page and sharing our experience we are hoping you be inspired to join us, 
The more that join our group, the quicker the PPROM project can take place, Tommy's are doing ongoing projects, we feel strongly that we want to be part of something special, we feel we own this to our babies who were born premature or who were gone too soon. 
This is the following link to the ROCG Guidelines if you happen to be reading this and you have just been told your waters have broken before the 37th week of pregnancy, by reading these guidelines could give you the knowledge to know how to make the right choices. 
PPROM Guidelines, when your waters break before 37weeks of pregnancy 
Medical science has been proven to work, and also the right medical treatment into saving babies lives, the following procedures have been proven to save babies lives, which is thanks to the likes of charities like Tommy's baby charity;-
1. Emergency stitch 
2. For your next pregnancy after PPROM the Cervical stitch 
3. Before you fall pregnant again, the TAC, which is a Transabdominal Abdominal Cerclage
4. Regular checking for UTI infection and other testing 
5. Various other ways if you experience bleeding. 
Let's all make history and show the world that here in the UK, we can make a massive difference to the whole world by investing in this area of pregnancy issues. 
Lets decrease the premature births, and lets reduce 1 in 4 who will lose a baby through pregnancy to 1 in 2, lets not have a other statistic of both of these case scenarios.
You can make a difference today, and by joining up, we are uniting together and for all those babies gone too soon, we are showing that us parents can make something so tragic become something special. 
Bliss supports parents who have experience premature babies and empowers parents with good info on what to expect in neonatal and offers for support for parents once baby is coming. 
Both works of both charities are vital. 
Please take time to read thorough each members giving pages, you will be inspired and you never know if you live close by, and that in it self is a amazing knowing we are not alone.
As the words of John Lennon song 'Image' Image all the people living life in peace. You may say I am dreamer but I am not the only one, and hope one day you will join us and the world be as one.  
Thank you to all that join the group on our journeys, there be days that it be tough, but that is the beauty of working together, together we can make this happen.
This will help others and this will save some babies lives and this will help reduce premature births. 
Please share this group by inviting your friends, and by all methods you feel happy too, and lets spread the word and do something amazing. 


 Who is in the team;- 

Ciara Curran: I am from the High Peak and the reason I started this was after having lost my first born Sinead, I promised her I would do something special to improve maternity services.The value work of Tommy's baby charity helped me have her sister, as I had a stitch to help me carry to full term.

Sabrina Brysom
Others who have helped contributed to the money raised.
Kirsty Wilson: Is also from the High Peak, I informed her about my project and has been a great support and after helping me with my training, and did a cake day at her work at Bench, thanks to all that helped out, it raised a fab amount :) 
New Mills Womans group, did a Xmas raffle Dec 2012 for both Tommys and nmwg. Raised a amazing amount, thanks to the NMWG team and the people of High Peak for supporting both groups. 

For anyone else joining the team, I will amend this page, 

You'll see our team fundraising target on the right. Your donation can really help us smash this goal

Also will link a team blog to this,with of course photos :)

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So please dig deep and donate now.

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