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Rose Polge, in loving memory

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This is to raise money in the memory of our dear Rose.

At 25 years old, working in her first year as a junior doctor in Torquay, she rapidly became acutely distressed and took her own life. 

Rose was not a 'sad person' -  she had an infectious enthusiasm for life. One she shared with all close to her. She loved being outdoors, travelling, hockey, climbing, board games, wine and cheese evenings. Her personal life was filled with socialising with and travelling to visit friends and family who dearly loved her.

Long hours, work related anxiety, and despair at her future in medicine were definite contributors to this awful and final decision.

Her friends and family are suffering the gaping chasm she has left behind, that will never be filled.

All Rose's colleagues are missing her hard work, friendliness and approachability.

Her stunning smile, infectious enthusiasm, kindness and inquisitive nature made her popular with all people she met.

Please give generously in her memory, not just for the junior doctor whose disappearance and death hit the headlines, but for the sweet, beautiful, kind, loving woman that she was.

She will never be forgotten, but let us honour her memory by helping those charities that aim to prevent such tragedy. Even if just one person was saved, to their family that would be everything.

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Raised so far: £35,900.78

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Ben Challoner

Ben is running the London Marathon!!!

39 donations



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Hazel Polge

Rose's Memory - Dartmoor Search and Rescue

197 donations



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Hazel Polge

Rose's memory - Mind

632 donations



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Hazel Polge

Running for Rose

245 donations



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Heather Polge

In memory of Rose who we miss every day

339 donations



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Katie Atkin

Katie is Running...

21 donations



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Michaela Joysey

Running for Rose

49 donations



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Ovie Faruq

Boxing for Rose

28 donations



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