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"Was it what I expected? Would I go back? Would I recommend it?

More,Yes. Unreservedly!"

Mar Garvey, 2012 participant

Some of us here are doing the run for the first time in 2015. Others are going back for another round. Either way we are joining next year's run because we believe it's an important way to show our solidarity with the Saharawi refugees living in harsh desert camps in SW Algeria.

The sponsorship money we raise, will be giving young adult refugees opportunities to gain skills and have better futures through music. 

We know the week we will spend with our host refugee families will be unforgettable and life-changing. We invite you to join us if you can to be part of history next year.

In 2015, the Saharawis will have been living in harsh desert camps in SW Algeria for 40 years. We would like to let them know they are not forgotten and get at least 40 runners to join us to highlight their situation. We want to get one runner for each year of exile they've endured. We want to show that we care in the UK by supporting the fantastic work of Sandblast's Studio-Live music project in the refugee camps.

Studio-Live is providing training and resources so young adult refugees can develop new skills to promote their voices and livelihoods through music.  The project ultimately seeks to help establish a local music industry in the camps so the story of the Saharawi plight can reach global stages. The project is also providing the means for the Saharawis to preserve their rich oral culture, threatened by long years in exile.

Our team fundraising target is £40K. Whatever you can give- big or small- will all help us to reach this goal. Please spread the word and check out the video link below to see how your donation can make a difference to young people's lives.

Thanks again for all your support!

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Raised: 12%

Team target: £40,000.00

Raised so far: £4,931.60

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Carolina Graterol

Carolina's Run the Sahara 2015

22 donations



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Danielle Smith

Solidarity run for Saharawi refugees to highlight 40 yrs exile in desert

12 donations



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James Mason

James's Run The Sahara 2015 page

13 donations



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leonora rustamova

Leonora's Sahara Marathon page

29 donations



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Lopa Kothari

Lopa's Run the Sahara 2015 26th Feb Event page

1 donation



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Lynda Murray

Lynda's Run The Sahara 2015 page

2 donations



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Pia de Keyser

Pia's Run the Sahara 2015 Info Event page

0 donations



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Rasha Shaheen

Rasha's Sahara Run 2015

42 donations



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Tomasz Laczny

Tomasz's Run the Sahara 2015 page

13 donations



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