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Scrivathon 2016

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It's a truth universally acknowledged that a writer's work is solitary--except when sprinting with #Scrivathon16!

Join us 12 Nov 16 for the 24 hour word sprint where writers increase their word count in fantastic company AND raise money for Syria Relief.

Sign up for a fabulous mash-up of productivity, camaraderie, and goodwill. 

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Raised: 57%

Team target: $5,716.94

Raised so far: $3,280.65

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A.Y. Chao

Official #Scrivathon16 Fundraising Page

62 donations



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Adele Buck

Adele's Scrivathon 2016

9 donations



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Alexandria Sturtz

Alexandria's Scrivathon '16 page

7 donations



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Christina Dwivedi

Christina's Scrivathon 16

1 donation



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Dante Medema

Dante's Scrivathon 2016 page

0 donations



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Erin Cosyn

Erin's Scrivathon 2016 page

0 donations



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Kim Cohen

Kim's #Scrivathon16

1 donation



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Lyla Lawless

Lyla Takes on Scrivathon 2016

3 donations



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Maria Guglielmo

Maria's Scrivathon 2016 page

6 donations



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Morgan Hazelwood

Morgan's Scrivathon 2016 page

7 donations



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Nola Sarina

Nola's #Scrivathon16

0 donations



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Racquel Kechagias

Racquel's Scrivathon 2016 page

0 donations



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Sara Mortensen

Sara's Scrivathon 2016 page

2 donations



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The Winged Pen

The Winged Pen's Scrivathon 2016 page

4 donations



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