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I have wanted to do an event for charity for a long time now and this feels like the right moment to do it.

On March 31st 2017, I will be hosting a charity quiz & raffle to support two fantastic charities.

The two charities I am supporting are close to my heart.

In January 2017, out of the blue, my 16 year old cousin Harry had a stroke. I have always been particularly close to Harry, and this news hit me like a steam train.

I will admit I was totally naive and didn't realise that young people could have strokes too. Fortunately, Harry continues to amaze us all with his progress.

I chose the Stroke Association because it helps support people of all ages who have had Strokes, & their families.

CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) aims to educate, and ultimately prevent, suicide in men under 45. Unfortunately suicide remains the biggest kiler of men under 45 and according to latest statistics, 76% of UK suicides are male.

It is an illness that has been close to my heart for many years and I firmly believe that all men should be able to be more open about their feelings, whether in conversation with those closest, on social media or in the workplace.

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