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Here you can join our 'The Athena Network West London' team and contribute to re- raising the roof. 
Whether you would like to take on a personal challenge, hold an event, run a raffle, bake a cake or get creative, we'd love you to join our team and contribute to the over all 'The Athena West London' ( joint fundraising target of £10,000 
You can view our fundraising page, and learn more about Raise the Roof and our goal to 'Re raise the roof here
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Raised: 16%

Team target: £10,000.00

Raised so far: £1,626.00

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Daniel Besley

Daniel's swimming

0 donations



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Holly Bantleman

The Athena Network West London

11 donations



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Holly Bantleman

Raise the Roof's something silly

1 donation



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Sally Llewellyn

Sally's David Bowie Black Star Painting

8 donations



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