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The Finity Project

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Neurodegeneration, venous-insufficiency, and autoimmunity, are only pieces of the finity that push us, Kara Byrne and Lee-Anne Fava, co-founders of The Finity Project, to achieve all that we are just learning to be possible. In eight episodes that take place around the globe, we will embark on eight charity challenges such as adventuring the Great Wall of China, running the New York City Marathon, and trekking the rain forest in Costa Rica, each for a different charity. Every episode is dedicated to a specific cause and will prove to test both us and viewers alike while raising funds and awareness. We are on a mission, with Multiple Sclerosis as our travel companion, not our guide.

You are donating to Challenge 4. In life we must face our fears; sometimes we choose to and sometimes we have no choice. When you are diagnosed with an illness you must wake up each morning, stare it right in the face, and decide you will not be afraid of it. So, two girls with MS, one awesome dude with cystic fibrosis and his awesome friend will leap from a plane over London. If we're going to let anything frighten us in this life, it's going to be the fun stuff.

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