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The Make A Wish Movement

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ARTHUR'S EVEREST IS COMPLETE. - We climbed it 35.25 times for Make A Wish UK to grant wishes to children suffering from life threatening illnesses.

Single handedly this was the toughest challenge we have every faced.

Here's the stats...

Duration - 43 hours

Height climbed - 8,848m (The height of Everest)

Distance covered - 92.5km

Sleep - 4 hours


Not giving up after I injured my knee on climb 10 and Babs's spained both ankles on climb 13 and suffered from horrendus blisters.

Not bursting into tears everytime we burst our Make A Wish balloons on a furze bush on the climb up.

Not anticipating the time taken to speak to people during the climb which put us way behind our predicted completion time.

Avoiding the thorns during bathroom breaks in mother natures garden.

Not giving up when in the rain and dark when my knee seized on climb 33 and Babs knees and ankles also started to go after being climbing for 20 hours straight.

Driving home after the challenge and climbing 6 flights of stairs for a sit down wee and shower and a bed laidend in frozen peas.

Babs getting up at 8am the following morning for a Sports Message course (No idea how she did this)


We ate as much carbohydrate as our stomachs could tolerate after every single climb.

We decided not to camp so we could  to go to the 24 hour asda for knee and ankle support to maximise our probability of finishing it.


Over the weekend 25 amazing people joined us for a climb, brought us supplies, refused to leave us during the most challenging times and gave us a hug when we needed it most.

All the fellow climbers who gave so genersously on the day and all the AMAZING friends and family who sent us messages to keep us going and/or donated online to help us reach our target.

This was the most testing yet rewarding experience of our lives so far, and they're no way in hell we could have done it without you guys, so thank you :)

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Raised: 69%

Team target: £5,000.00

Raised so far: £3,432.23

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