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Yak? Yak? Goose!!! Mongol Rally 2016

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Thanks for taking the time to visit my JustGiving page!

So next July we'll be driving a ridiculous 10,000km from London to Mongolia, on a ridiculous route, in a ridiculous car, across Turkey, SIX 'stans, the Gates of Hell, stopping at a buzkashi fest (yeah, that's polo played with a headless goat), a birds of prey hunt, and only god knows what else.

But it's not just fun and games (and broken cars and decapitated goats...), we're also raising at least a thousand pounds (that's $2000 for you Yanks in the crowd) for the Cool Earth and UNHCR charities.

Cool Earth ( is a fabulous group that works alongside indigenous villages around the world to halt rainforest destruction. It's like saving the rainforest and its people! 

The U.N. High Commission on Refugees ( is another wonderful organization that works to address refugee crises around the world. They're a bit overworked at the moment and could really use any support you can give.

So as we all know, asking anyone to chip in their hard-earned cash just sucks, and I promise we won't pester any of you lovely people again, but if you do have a dollar, or a pound, or all of grandma's inheritance to spare, we and these charities would really appreciate it. Plus you'll get the joy of following along on our (mis)adventures and knowing you helped fund the Nina and the Chris getting lost and disastrous all over Asia!

Donating through JustGiving is simple, fast and totally secure. Your details are safe: they’ll never sell them or send emails. Once you donate, they send your money directly to the charity. It’s the most efficient way to donate, saving time and cutting costs.

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Nina Triche

Yak? Yak? Goose!! UNHCR Fund

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Nina Triche

Yak? Yak? Goose!! Cool Earth Fund

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