Hello all,

Thank you for checking out my page. During 2011 I started running marathons for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, attempting to run 52 official marathons throughout the year. I'm doing this for the hospital because in 2005 I was serving with the British Army out in Basra, Iraq and unfortunately got injured. January 2010 saw the last of my operations.

Now I've decided I can give a little more and have now extended my challenge to run 100 official marathons between 2011 - 2012.

To make everything a little more challenging I have joined the charity 'Walking With The Wounded', an organisation which helps retrain and reintergrate injured soldiers for future life outside the military. So with WWTW I will be climbing some iconic mountains between the marathons

To all the staff who work, or have worked on the Burns Unit during my time there, I thank you. This one's for you.


The Challenge



January 1st = Zurich Midnight Marathon, Switzerland

January 8th = Goofy Half Marathon, Florida, USA

January 9th = Goofy Marathon, Florida, USA 

January 16th = Phoenix, Arizona Marathon, USA 

January 23rd = Milwaukee, Wisconsin Marathon, USA 

January 30th = ING Miami, Florida Marathon, USA 

February 6th = Tallahassee, Florida Marathon, USA 

February 13th = Mardi Gras, New Orleans Marathon, USA 

February 19th = Devon Cross Country Marathon, England 

February 27th = Malta Marathon, Malta 

March 6th = Barcelona Marathon, Spain 

March 13th = Bedford Clanger Marathon England 

March 20th = Cotswold Marathon, England 

March 25th = Jerusalem Marathon, Israel 

April 3rd = The Sussex Marathon Festival, England 

April 10th = Bungay, Suffolk Marathon, England 

April 17th = Vienna City Marathon, Austria 

April 23rd = Cape Town Ultra Marathon 35 Mile, South Africa

May 1st = Vancouver Marathon Canada 

May 8th = Shakespeare Marathon, Warwickshire England 

May 14th = Orpington Marathon England 

May 15th = Richmond Park Marathon England 

May 22nd = Copenhagen Marathon, Denmark 

May 28th = Stockholm Marathon, Sweden 

June 5th = Tenby Marathon, Wales 

June 11th = Luxembourg Marathon, Luxembourg 

June 18th = The Trionium Picnic Marathon, England

June 19th = Cheltenham Circular Marathon, England

June 25th = Seattle, Washington Marathon USA


July 1st - 4th = Wales training weekend, Walking With the Wounded

                          Snowdon, Wales (1085 Meters): Successful Summit


July 10th = Chichester Marathon England

July 16th = The Moors the Merrier, 28 Mile Ultra Marathon, England


July 17th - 24th = Chamonix France training week, Walking With the Wounded

                               Aiguille Du Tour, Switzerland (3540 Meters): Successful Summit

                               Gran Paradiso, Italy (4061 Meters): Successful Summit


July 31st = Faversham Marathon, England

August 7th = Dovedale Dipper Marathon, England

August 13th = Centurion Downs Marathon, Surrey, England

August 14th = Sailsbury 5-4-3-2-1 Marathon, England

August 20th = Helsinki Marathon Finland


August 27th - October 10th = Himalayas training, Walking With the Wounded

                                                 Manaslu, Nepal (8156 Meters): Successful Summit


October 16th = Amsterdam Marathon, Holland

October 22nd = Beachy Head Marathon, England

October 23rd = The Founders Challenge Marathon, England

October 29th = Snowdonia Marathon, Wales

October 31st = Dublin Marathon, Ireland

November 6th = Rutland Water Marathon, England

November 11th = Druids Challenge Day 1 (29 Miles), England

November 12th = Druids Challenge Day 2 (28 Miles), England

November 13th = Druids Challenge Day 3 (28 Miles), England

November 27th = Florence Marathon Italy

December 4th = Lisbon Marathon Portugal

December 10th = Saxon Shore Hardcore Marathon (Day 1) England

December 11th = Saxon Shore Hardcore Marathon (Day 2) England

December 17th = Andover Marathon, England

December 18th = Portsmouth Coastal Marathon England

December 22nd = Winter Enigma Marathon (Day 2) England

December 25th = Tipton, Unofficial Homecoming Marathon, England

December 31st = Liverbird New Year Marathon (Day 1), England




January 1st = Liverbird New Year Marathon (Day 2), England

January 7th = Birthday/Charity Night

January 15th = Hong Kong, China Coast Marathon, China

January 22nd = Gloucester Marathon, England


January 24th - 29th = Cumbria Walking With the Wounded Mt. Everest Training.


February 4th = The Pilgrim Challenge (Day 1), England

February 5th = The Pilgrim Challenge (Day 2), England

February 9th =Quadzilla Marathon (Day 1), England

February 19th = Cotswolds Marathon, England


February 20th - 29th = Austria Walking With the Wounded Mt. Everest Training.


March 4th = Antalya Marathon, Turkey

March 10th = Grantham ULTRArace, England

March 11th = Blackpool Marathon, England

March 17th = Great Barrow Challenge, England

March 18th = Brighton Trail Marathon, England


March 29th - June 7th = Mt. Everest Summit Attempt with Walking With the Wounded.


June 4th = Queen's Diamond Jubilee Beacon Lighting, Snowdon Summit

June 17th = Bungee Jumping!

June 24th = Cheltenham Circular Challenge, England

July 1st = Olympic Torch, Solihull

July 7th = Enigma Summer Festival (Day 1), England

July 8th = Enigma Summer Festival (Day 2), England

July 15th = Fairlands Valley Challenge, England


July 22nd - 29th = Mont Blanc Attempt, The Alps


August 4th = Total Warrior Challenge 10k, England

August 5th = Dovedale Dipper Marathon, England

August 12th = Salisbury Marathon, England

August 17th = VO Angelsey Coast Challenge (Day 1), Wales

August 18th = VO Angelsey Coast Challenge (Day 2), Wales

August 19th = VO Angelsey Coast Challenge (Day 3), Wales

August 24th = Shark Diving, Chester, England

August 30th = Ireland Quadrathon (Day 1)

August 31st = Ireland Quadrathon (Day 2)

September 1st = Ireland Quadrathon (Day 3)

September 2nd = Ireland Quadrathon (Day 4)

September 9th = Tallinn Marathon, Estonia

September 13th = Cyclothon UK 12 Hour Cycle

September 21st = The Toad Thames Path Ultra (Day 1), England

September 22nd = The Toad Thames Path Ultra (Day 2), England

September 23rd = The Toad Thames Path Ultra (Day 3), England

September 28th = Fire Walking, England

October 4th - 13th = Amazonian Jungle Ultra Marathon, Brazil

October 21st = Dresden Marathon, Germany

October 26th = London Woolwich Tunnel Marathon, England

October 27th = Beachy Head Marathon, England

October 29th = Dublin Marathon, Ireland

October 31st = Enigma Staffordshire Marathon, England

November 2nd = Pembrokeshire Coast Challenge (Day 1), England

November 3rd = Pembrokeshire Coast Challenge (Day 2), England

November 4th = Pembrokeshire Coast Challenge (Day 3), England

November 9th = The Druid Challenge (Day 1), England

November 10th = The Druid Challenge (Day 2), England

November 11th = The Druid Challenge (Day 3), England

November 19th - 23rd = Antarctic Ice 100K Ultra Marathon

December 2nd = Las Vegas Marathon, Nevada, USA

December 9th = Honolulu Marathon, Hawaii, USA

December 15th = Enigma Christmas Marathon, England (Day 1)

December 16th = Enigma Christmas Marathon, England (Day 2)

December 23rd = Portsmouth Coastal, England

December 27th = Holly Winter Challenge Marathon, England

December 31st = Liverbird Liverpool Marathon, England


Updates soon!

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Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham Charity

Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham Charity

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Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham Charity is the official charity of the Queen Elizabeth & Selly Oak hospitals in Birmingham, including the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine where military patients are treated from around the world. Find out more at Your support is much appreciated.

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Truly inspirational and a great role model!

Donation by GREIG WALKER on 30/06/13


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Donation by Holly Litchfield on 02/04/13



Donation by Steven Clarke on 25/01/13


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Donation by Anonymous on 02/01/13


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You are an inspiration saw you on Prince Harry challenge and have followed you ever since. You are a wonderful man

Donation by jayne pearson on 31/12/12


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Congratulations.... enjoy a little time off in 2013 before your next project!! Lynn, Mark, Karl & Uschi x

Donation by Mark Baugh on 30/12/12


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A great achievement, well done.

Donation by Anne, Swindon on 20/12/12


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We're totally amazed by what you do mate, just a small amount to hopefully help.

Donation by Jilly & Steve on 10/12/12


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A true hero! From an ex Royal Engineer!

Donation by Richard Houston on 27/11/12


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Donation by Alexander Rolfe on 26/11/12


Donation by Anonymous on 26/11/12


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What an achievement. Best of luck

Donation by Becky haggerty on 26/11/12


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Truly inspirational! So pleased you have found someone to share your life and love with.

Donation by Louise Fox on 26/11/12


+ £5.00 Gift Aid

Donation by Lorena Woodfine on 17/11/12



I was DRAGON Coy CSM when you were A Coy in Iraq. So glad you are on the mend. Proud of you as a STAFFORD and as the person you are.Take Care, Baz.

Donation by Scott Barrett on 17/11/12


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I trained at QE as a Physio and I was inspired by your endeavours. Brilliant! Good luck.

Donation by Sarah Robertson Smith on 14/11/12


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U r amazing & u seem very cool. We've chatted @ Twitter - I'm MizLizW- I've encouraged u 2 do the Iditarod b/c your dogs r so v. cute. Cheers!

Donation by Elizabeth Wexler on 09/11/12



Karl, Please accept this from the locals at Ye Olde White Lion, Orpington, Kent, Good luck mate nearly at the 200

Donation by Kevin French on 06/11/12


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Good work Dude!!!!

Donation by Phil (Foxy) Hadley on 02/11/12


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I think you'd give Forrest Gump a run for his money!!

Donation by Lee Wilson on 02/11/12


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Your unfailing support of the Trust and Charity is amazing, thank you.

Donation by Julia Ricks on 01/11/12


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Donation by Jackie Harvey on 27/10/12


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It was amazing to watch you finish the Jungle Marathon Karl - you're determination is truly inspiring. hope the feet arn't too sore!

Donation by Hiba on 15/10/12


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Great to run a few miles with you at the weekend Karl - you are a true gent. See you on a road or trail again soon hopefully.

Donation by John K on 26/09/12


Well run!

Donation by Allyson on 05/09/12


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