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A year ago I was Kayaking in North Wales, running some amazing waterfalls in the beautiful Welsh valleys, thinking life couldn't be better. A week later I was diagnosed with Cancer and everything changed. After major surgery and a hell of a lot of support physically, mentally and emotionally from my wife, our parents, loved ones and Macmillan I have managed to get back on my feet. There is still a long way for me to go but I'm feeling strong again.

To show my thanks to Macmillan for their amazing support and to prove to myself and everyone that has helped me that I am a fighter, I am raising money for a new Macmillan Cancer Support Centre that is being planned for Brighton in East Sussex. The centre has been designed by experts and people effected by Cancer to offer support and advice in a calm, non-clinical environment.

So, over the coming months I am going to Kayak 10 UK waterfalls, with help from my paddling chums. We will video the events and edit them (if I can call in another favour) in to a decent film for everyone to share. We plan to start on Sunday 3rd Feb and I want to start off where I last paddled - the waterfalls of the beautiful Welsh valleys!

For me Macmillan's support was invaluable. At a time when everything and everyone around you is falling apart and you spend your days in hospital corridors contemplating your chances they are there with advice, counselling and practical help like an oasis. The Centre they are planning to build would help them reach so many more people in my position or worse, and their families. They need to raise £3.7m so I am happy to throw myself off waterfalls in a boat to go some way towards that - if you can help by sponsering me!

ALL the money raised will go towards the charity. NONE will be used by me to fund the trips!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you for ANY donations you are able to give.

Updates 4

First phase of the project completed. 3 Waterfalls in the bag and a video trailer is on its way ;)

05/02/13 09:03

I have started a Blog to keep you all up to date with how the project is progressing.

14/12/12 11:57

Wow, thanks for the donations everyone. feb 3rd is the first planned session in which we hope to get 3 drops. I will post teasers for some of the drops as we go so you can keep up with our progress. Goooooooo team!

23/11/12 21:20

Right...I have begun! in the middle of setting up the page and have a few people on board for the first outing in which we hope to get 3 Waterfalls eeeek!

19/11/12 20:48

Raising money for

Macmillan Cancer Support

Macmillan Cancer Support

Charity Registration No. 261017

Macmillan Cancer Support improves the lives of people affected by cancer. We provide practical, medical, emotional and financial support and push for better cancer care. One in three of us will get cancer. Two million of us are living with it. We are all affected by cancer. We can all help. We are Macmillan.

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Nothing to say really, apart from well done Richard. (He's so nice isn't he?) (In a manly way, of course.)

Donation by Professor Lovely Bones von Winkel-Flower on 29/01/14


+ £75.00 Gift Aid

Good luck Richard, I wish you all the very best. Let's hope the building of the new centre goes well. Never easy running a project like that in a town.

Donation by Tony Hooton on 13/01/14


+ £7.50 Gift Aid

Good luck on the rest of your quest Christine Sheath (Burton Joyce)

Donation by Anonymous on 29/12/13


Dear Richard, even if we don't know each other in personal, our fathers are good friends for a long time. After hearing about you fate it was a matter of course that we help you to reach your target.

Donation by Jan Förster and family (from Germany) on 23/12/13

20,00 €

We asked our guests at our wedding to support your challenge, therefore we provided a barrel of beer for them and asked for donations via an honesty box. Here is what we made for you. Love C & M

Donation by Marie Sermons on 08/12/13


+ £25.00 Gift Aid

Good luck in reaching your target.

Donation by Oakdale Manufacturing (UK) Ltd on 06/11/13

Donation by Craig Scampton on 23/10/13


+ £5.00 Gift Aid

Sorry to hear of your recent struggle. Great to hear about your strength & this challenge. We would be happy to show the film at St Albans Film Festival 2014 if ready in time? GOOD LUCK.

Donation by Leoni on 02/10/13


+ £5.00 Gift Aid

Donation by Maureen's 65th/ Ventons raffle on 25/09/13


+ £48.06 Gift Aid

May it rain in the hills - particularly in Wales!

Donation by Sally-Ann Andy RosieMaisieLily&Ruby Neal on 31/08/13


+ £6.25 Gift Aid

Good luck Richard!

Donation by David and Louise Bradley on 24/08/13


+ £2.50 Gift Aid

Richard what a fab idea, that's one scary film! Good luck with everything, from Ben's friend Lynne (been there with the big C too) xxxxxx

Donation by Lynne Roper on 17/08/13


+ £2.50 Gift Aid

Donation by Anonymous on 14/07/13


+ £2.50 Gift Aid


Collected from the residents of KINGSAND/CAWSAND and MILLBROOK.

Donation by Collection tins at Clive's 65th on 29/04/13


+ £48.75 Gift Aid

Donation by DAWN BRINKMANN on 21/04/13



We are impressed! Good luck Richard

Donation by Paul/Sally Smith on 20/04/13


+ £2.50 Gift Aid


It's raining!!!

Donation by Victoria Wood-Matthews on 17/04/13


+ £2.50 Gift Aid


Good Luck Richard from Betty Wright

Donation by DAWN BRINKMANN on 15/04/13



Go go go!

Donation by Tony T on 28/03/13


+ £2.50 Gift Aid


Good Luck Richard on your quest from David and Sylvia Johnson (Burton Joyce)

Donation by DAWN BRINKMANN on 25/03/13



Good luck Richard from Nan and Elaine Fell

Donation by DAWN BRINKMANN on 17/03/13



Well done Richard, so far, and good luck with the rest of them. Rather you than me!

Donation by Mary Perry on 17/03/13


+ £5.00 Gift Aid


What a brilliant way to help others, and have fun at the same time. Good luck, hope you reach your target.

Donation by Carol Clarke on 08/03/13


+ £5.00 Gift Aid


Rock it on some waterfalls! Good luck!

Donation by Christopher Puhl and Sarah Dyer on 05/03/13


+ £2.50 Gift Aid


Well done Richard ! Your Mum showed me some photos!! You are raising a fantastic amount! from Alison and Steve Marsh (Burton Joyce)

Donation by Stephen Marsh on 04/03/13


+ £5.00 Gift Aid

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