As you may know, it is my Barmitzvah (Jewish 13 Birthday) in a few months – April 26 
To mark this milestone in my life I have decided to do something awesome and raise money for charity.
Most people do 1 marathon, running, walking or crawling to the finish line, I’m doing 13 marathons (546km or 339.2miles) on a unicycle that I taught myself to ride!
I chose the number 13 because it’s doable but still a challenge, but more importantly my Barmitzvah is when I turn 13 on the Jewish calendar.
The charity I’ve chosen is called roll out the barrel; it is a charity that gives poor children in undeveloped countries a new alternative to fetch water instead of carrying a heavy jug on their head or shoulder, some for miles each day. The charity has developed a hugely innovative but simple solution- a barrel which rolls on the ground that can be filled with up to 50 litres of water that can be taken home for all the family’s needs.
I like this charity for three reasons, number 1, everyone should have access to clean and safe drinking water wherever they live and it is something that most of us take for granted. Diarrhoea is the number 1 killer of children under 5 in the developing world and most of that comes from unsafe water. Number 2, I love the simplicity of this amazing project, it’s such a brilliant solution to an age old problem. Number 3, I love the idea that with each revolution of the wheel on my unicycle I'm creating a ‘water carrying revolution’ for children in developing countries.
I would really appreciate it if you would take a few minutes of your time and donate a few dollars or pounds; there will be a link for you to donate some money through either just giving or a bank transfusion, 

 Click here to see a cool Unicycle video that my brother Rubin made:


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I Unicycled half a marathon (21km) yesterday in only 1 hour 45 mins!

06/12/13 08:02

In total, I'm supposed to be riding 546,000,000 millimeters

27/11/13 09:30

Unicycled up the peak (again) 15.9KM!!!

27/11/13 09:27

Almost halfway done! (6 and a half marathons or 273km) Making lots of progress!

10/11/13 08:42

I managed to raise HKD $200 by just busking at Cyberport, great turnout!

10/11/13 08:30

Raising money for

Roll Out The Barrel

Roll Out The Barrel

Charity Registration No. 1147062

NO woman or child (as young as 4) should be forced to walk up to 5 miles every day to collect enough clean water just to survive. Help us provide millions of ROTARY ROLLER BARRELS for clean drinking water, instead of carrying jerry cans or buckets. CLEAN SAFE WATER IS THEIR RIGHT!

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mazal tov and keep on cycling

Donation by Dayana Poller on 17/04/14


Mazeltov Sam and what an amazing thing you are doing. Lots of Love Nikki, Julian, Josh and Jake

Donation by Nikki and Julian Reeback on 16/04/14


This is inspiring Sam; Mazal tov and keep those wheels turning.

Donation by Glenn Timmermans on 15/04/14


Mazel tov Sam!!! Way to go!!! Big hugs and kisses, Tara, Joe, Elianna, Jack and Sadie

Donation by Tara and Joe Diestel on 15/04/14


Best of luck, Ashley, Caroline, Anouska and Mannie

Donation by Anonymous on 14/04/14


Good cause and good effort - well done

Donation by Apelbaum on 14/04/14



Amazing achievement Sam! A truly unique and inspiring challenge! Good luck with your final ride...

Donation by Beth & Ali on 14/04/14


Great work raising money for this -- and your unicycle challenge is awesome!

Donation by The Mays: Gardner, Alison, Ike & Calvin on 14/04/14


Mazaltov and good luck! Dan, Jules Asher & Orly x

Donation by Dan Berman on 14/04/14


Sam-well done!! And what a great cause! We wish you a hearty Mazal Tov & be proud that you are helping others at this special time in your life. Warmest wishes The Codron Family

Donation by Tessa & Richard Codron on 13/04/14

This is terrific Sam! Delighted to sponsor you for your next marathon feat!

Donation by James, Anna, Sam & Amy Fulton on 13/04/14


Amazing skills on that unicycle! Keep it up!

Donation by John&Finn on 13/04/14


Dear Sam, I am inspired to see that as you unicycle/walk/run/bike/swim your way through life, you remember and honor the less fortunate. May your heart always grow in this direction! Mazal Tov!

Donation by Ana Scherer (friend's with your mum) on 13/04/14

This is a fantastic idea. Good luck and take care of you.

Donation by Timi, Gabor, Eszter, Balint on 09/04/14


So proud of you for doing this, Sam. Mazel tov and all our best wishes for your Bar Mitzvah. We will be with you and your great family in spirit!

Donation by Love, Marta, Jacob, and Sophie on 09/04/14


Dear Sam, We are proud of you for choosing such an important cause. Must be tough to ride a unycicle. Love Marika and George

Donation by Anonymous on 19/03/14


Sam, this is truly a unique and awe inspiring challenge. Well done on sticking with it and raising money for such a good cause. Looking forward to celebrating with you very soon.

Donation by Auntie Judi & Uncle Stuart on 07/03/14

Sam, I may be late but that's only because I'm totally disorganised. What a brilliant idea and all the very best with the quest. Your mum and dad must be proud! CZx

Donation by Anonymous on 10/01/14

Kol Hakavod, Sam you are a special person. Mazal Tov, you have reached being a young man. Have health and joy all your life and keep doing such wonderful deeds. With love, from OZ

Donation by Jody on 13/11/13


Great work Sam! Mazel tov! Love, Lucy, Stewart, Adam and Justin

Donation by Anonymous on 11/11/13


Fantastic idea, great charity. Good luck and well done to you!

Donation by Carol, Rees, Gabriel & Katya on 09/11/13


+ £7.50 Gift Aid

Dude! Great stuff. Keep on freewheeling x

Donation by Annabel on 07/11/13


+ £7.50 Gift Aid

Well done to you! This is an awesome achievement!

Donation by David, Rachelle, Jake & Jayme Dzienciol on 21/10/13


hey Sam, nice charity i would love to help out

Donation by Robert on 19/10/13


very cool Sam!

Donation by debbie, bella, landon on 09/10/13


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