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The just giving page for renal nephropathy is now closed as the £11.000 target was reached thanks to all the wonderful people and clubs who generously supported the project with donations. A new fund raising page is now in place to fund a project by the Animal Health Trust to set up a DNA test for heart problems in the bull terrier breed. However do please be aware that over vaccination i.e. Booster vaccinations, can also cause heart and kidney damage therefore it is advisable to avoid booster vaccinations as there is no scientific research in the world that states booster vaccinations are needed.

In 1990 I was helping Dr Neil McEwan with his research into the hereditary problem of Lethal Acrodermititis in the bull terrier breed and also skin problems in the bull terriers. My part of the project was to help Neil in any way I could. A fund was set up to finance the work and a large part of my time was spent in organising fund raising events, putting on seminars to help with educating the owners of bull terriers on health issues pertaining to the breed, doing the medical baths for the bullies with mange mites in Scotland and dressing bull terrier feet with Stockholm Tar as required.

Neil prescribed the necessary medication for treating the dog and I was also developing home remedies to improve the quality of life. These are simple things to do, with remedies readily available over the counter or from the supermarket and approved by Neil for use that would do no harm but would make the dog more comfortable.

 In 1991 Dr Jo Dukes McEwan was researching Mitral Dysplasia in the bull terrier breed and I was asked to organise getting bull terriers to be tested. Initially the first heart testing took place here at Holloville and although we were getting a good number of bullies it was soon realised that we were only seeing the bull terriers resident in Scotland. A decision was made to approach the bull terrier clubs with the intent of heart testing at the bull terrier shows. We got approval and the first heart testing at a show took place at the North East Bull Terrier Club Show and very soon we had the other clubs participating in the scheme. The Bull Terrier Clinical Studies Fund was covering the costs and this may have had an influence on that.

 I am still active in the bull terrier breed in a smaller measure, as my work now is mainly consultations. With boarding, breeding, showing, rescue and the special studies I have been involved with at GUVS, I have handled hundreds of bull terriers and feel I know the breed fairly well and I am only a phone call away for anyone who is encountering difficulties with their bull terrier.

In conclusion, I would like to thank everyone for their participation in the research by allowing us access to their bull terriers.

Thanks also to everyone for the help with the samples and fund raising that paid for it all.

A major vote of thanks goes to the vets who did all the work that now allows us to breed happier, healthier bull terriers.

A personal gratitude from me to the hundreds of bull terriers I have handled and who taught and are still teaching me about this wonderful breed.

Terry Heath

February 2012 

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Donation from Draydur Bull Terriers who understand and support the need for health testing. Keep it up you wonderful people.!!

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