Artists Help Japan is a charity movement initiated by Dice Tsutsumi, an art director at Pixar Animation Studios who was also behind 2008 Totoro Forest Project to help preserve Sayama Forest in Japan and Sketchtravel Project, to gather the force of communities of artists and creative minds around the world.
We believe artists have special roles to contribute to the society.

Within a week, 10 art communities from LA, San Francisco, New York, Paris, Toronto and Pittsburgh have signed up to do fund raising events to contribute to this movement.  We are calling for more artists communities to join the forces of  Artists Help Japan Movement.

On March 11, an 9.0 earthquake struck off the northeast coast of Japan near the city of Sendai. The earthquake generated a massive tsunami with waves as high as 30 feet, resulting in floods, fires and the closure of airports and transit systems. Hundreds of people were killed, and homes, fields and towns were flooded or destroyed.

Artists Help Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Fund is responding to the immediate needs of survivors as well as short-term to long-term recovery projects undertaken by the affected communities.

The donation collected here will go to Civic Force, highly regarded NPO in Japan.

In the U.S. fund raising efforts, we have been supporting NPOs that are in partnership with good Japanese NPOs.  One of them we support is Peace Winds Japan.  Both Peace Winds Japan and Civic Force were founded by Kensuke Onishi who is well respected for his non-profit career.

We hope artists in England can follow the movement that's caught on big in the United States!!


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Civic Force

Civic Force

Charity Registration No. Registered in Japan

Civic Force (emergency response team) responds to large scale natural disasters in Japan, and is established for realizing of more effective and prompt disaster relief by cooperating closely with NGOs, business community and government of Japan.

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Yoko Tanaka Tofu. Enjoy!

Donation by Anonymous on 24/02/12



Donation from extra postcard sales at Cafeand

Donation by Paul Nicholson on 04/12/11



Donation for Simon TOFIELD - Simon's Cat with Butterfly Coming from

Donation by Roland Heller on 30/06/11


Donation from Animators VS Earthquakes opening & closing parties.

Donation by Animators VS Earthquakes on 15/06/11



Donation for Matt LAYZELL#2 Animator Versus Earthquakes

Donation by Robert James Healy on 14/06/11



From Christine for Bambi drawings from Animators vs Earthquakes exhibition and thanks to my son, Paul, for his part in organising the exhibition

Donation by Christine Goodwin on 14/06/11



Extra donation

Donation by Paul Nicholson on 06/06/11



Hey, sorry this took so long. For the mosquito coil and endless burger factory screen print thing. xxx

Donation by Anupa Madawela on 06/06/11



Payment for the Tori Davis 'Totoro' picture - Animators vs Earthquakes auction.

Donation by David Barlas on 02/06/11



This donation is for Boris Hiestand's piece through Animators vs. Earthquakes.

Donation by Sean Vecchione on 01/06/11



This donation is through Animators vs Earthquakes for the print Linda Kalcov #1.

Donation by Jeff Mace on 01/06/11



This donation is on behalf of Animators vs Earthquakes. It is for the Chris Garbutt #2 digital painting. From Neil Gardner, Croydon, UK.

Donation by Neil Gardner on 30/05/11



This is for chris sasaki t-shirt and the 5£ I forgot on the bambi key 01.

Donation by sylvain marc on 30/05/11



Rikke Happy Dance Animators vs Earthquakes

Donation by Charles McGarraugh on 28/05/11



For Veronique Joffre's Collines d'automne from Animator's VS Earthquakes.

Donation by Ben Bocquelet on 28/05/11



For Mr paal painting with four characters doing a likkle dance. Animators vs earthquakes

Donation by Chris Courth on 27/05/11



for Tom Gauld' Giantic robot from Animators vs Earhtquakes

Donation by céline DESRUMAUX on 27/05/11



Donation from Animators VS earthquake, London

Donation by Yann Benedi on 27/05/11



for Matt Jones' Japantown from Animators vs Earhtquakes

Donation by Suzanne Berman on 27/05/11


Carlos de Faria piece with Animators vs Earthquakes, London

Donation by Syed Mohammad Thohamy Syed Sheh on 27/05/11



Donation to Animator V Earthquake for Philip Vallentin's First Animation Studio

Donation by Bruce Williams on 27/05/11


Donation to Animator V Earthquake for Chris Garbutt Bus Stop

Donation by Anita Corcoran on 27/05/11


For Matt Layzell original screen print A1. Thanks Animators vs earthquakes.

Donation by Hayden Russell on 27/05/11


Donation from animators VS earthquakes, London. Yoko TANAKA#2 "matcha latte"

Donation by Jonathan Vuillemin on 26/05/11



Bambi Key drawing 21. Score!

Donation by Mayang Ahmad on 26/05/11


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