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Shortlist Of Details:

What: A 24 Team Fortress 2 Marathon

When: Saturday Feb 9th 11:59pm - Feb 10th 11:59pm



Guests: Brian Brushwood, Helene, MagicalKillaCow, Sal (Fatmop), C*ntsman, more TBC


Text: HATS88 to 70070


UPDATE: I forgot I had a booking on 9th, so there's a change of plan. The event will start on the 9th at 11:59. MIDNIGHT TO MIDNIGHT

GET BEHIND ME DOCTOR! The ball has started rolling two weeks early!

I've been wanting to do this for years, only know I have a laptop that can bear it will I actually do it.

Gaming is cool. Not having cancer is cool too. Not sleeping is less cool. So I'm gonna stay up for an entire day doing nothing but playing Team Fortress 2 (The world's most successful war-themed hat simulator) to try and raise a bit for Prostate Cancer. I'm gonna talk to a bunch of TF2 famous people (I'm hoping for STAR_, Jimbomcb, Brian Brushwood, The KK Crew, absolutely anyone that can help get the name out) and try get them in the games.

I'm gonna stream the whole 24 hours over at starting at 11:59 GMT on February 9th and continuing on to 11:59 on the 10th.

Message me on my Steam account or tweet me @Lord_Illusion with any queries of details.

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Raising money for



Charity Registration No. 1005541 and in Scotland (SC039332)

Prostate Cancer UK fights to help more men survive prostate cancer and enjoy a better quality of life. We find answers by funding ground-breaking research, we lead change by raising the profile of the disease and improving care. And we support men by providing vital information and services.

Raising money for


Charity Registration No. 1005541 and in Scotland (SC039332)

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Sorry if I'm late to the party. Hope it went well!

Donation by JP Kelly on 14/02/13



Donation by on 11/02/13


TF2 is a well-made game, but what truly makes it a phenomenal experience are the people playing it. Hat's off to you.

Donation by Roman Nygma on 11/02/13


Well done son.

Donation by Cas Morris on 10/02/13


+ £2.50 Gift Aid

Donation by Liam Armour on 10/02/13


well done Bret - we are proud of you and your support crew up stairs :-) a very worthy cause

Donation by Jo & Kes on 10/02/13


+ £5.00 Gift Aid

gratz on the steam, keep up the good work.

Donation by Daniel Murray on 10/02/13


+ £12.50 Gift Aid

Great cause! Love to see TF2 players helping charity-- best of luck reaching your goals!

Donation by Mattie & HelenAngel on 10/02/13


Good luck getting to your target amount :)

Donation by Julie Watts on 10/02/13


Hope this can make a difference to someone some where!

Donation by Philip Pryce on 10/02/13

Make bum cancer vintage :3

Donation by [WH] The Director {terabyte} on 10/02/13


+ £2.50 Gift Aid

Was good fun playing with you all!

Donation by Flappy on 10/02/13


Donation by Christina Schwanitz on 10/02/13


Donation by Anonymous on 10/02/13


Good Luck with a great cause!

Donation by Treevis Hadrick on 10/02/13


Great cause, good luck with the rest of the day!

Donation by Birch on 10/02/13



Donation by Hans on 10/02/13


Good going, magic man.

Donation by Matt Hurst on 10/02/13


+ £2.50 Gift Aid

Great cause to fight and a great way to fight it.

Donation by Spider Riviera on 10/02/13


Was fun playing with you. Thanks so much for doing this!! \(^o^)/

Donation by Alexandra "Sinful" Reyes on 10/02/13


Good luck Bret! MrTHaggar

Donation by Tony Roberts on 10/02/13


+ £5.00 Gift Aid


Donation by Johan Mannerqvist on 10/02/13


Good look Bret!! I've spread the word for you on the Derby Computing and Gaming feeds :)

Donation by James Granger (DCG Secretary) on 10/02/13


Since I'm poor, this the best I could do. :3 Good luck on the full 24 hours!

Donation by Haydn Ahmed on 10/02/13


Donation by Travis Murphy on 10/02/13


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