Please read his story below:

On Friday 12th October Animal Welfare Officers from The Mayhew Animal Home were called to the emergency rescue of a dying dog. The dog had been discovered buried amongst fly-tipped rubbish in a North London park.

The elderly German Shepherd was found collapsed, surrounded by dumped rubbish, litter and a filthy mattress and was initially assumed dead.

After discovering the extent of the suffering and neglect the dog had endured, the charity – a rescue centre in North London – is appealing to the public to help them find the dog’s owner so that they can be held accountable for their actions.

The 13 year old dog was wearing a collar naming him as Prince and was covered in his own faeces. His coat was matted into hard rocks of hair and he was too weak to lift his head.

The Mayhew’s Animal Welfare Officer, Zoe Edwards, said:

“When I initially saw Prince I thought he was dead. He was lifeless, filthy and the smell coming from him was like sewage.
I really don’t understand the mentality of some people. This was obviously someone’s pet who loved them enough to once get him a decent collar and have his name engraved on it. It is hard to believe that someone owned this dog for this long only to discard him alongside some old rubbish in a park. The condition of the dog indicated to me that this would have taken several months, if not years, for him to get into this mess. I always give people the benefit of the doubt in my job and always try to be non-judgmental but in this case there is no excuse for the way this dog had been left. Someone must have seen the state that Prince was in and you would have had to have been blind to not see how this dog was suffering.”

Mayhew vet, Gen Wilkinson, said:

“This is an absolutely horrifying case of cruelty and neglect. Prince was severely dehydrated and had irreparable neurological damage, meaning that he was unable to move his back legs or tail and was doubly incontinent. He was suffering immensely and this had been going on some time. He was also very underweight and tried to eat when we offered him food despite being so weak. After shaving his matted hair we discovered maggots burrowing into the pressure sores on his body which had been caused by his low weight. The only decision we were left with was to bring his life to a peaceful end but he should not be forgotten. Someone must know who Prince belonged to”.

The Mayhew’s Head of Marketing, Alison Morgan, said:

“This case is certainly one of the worst cases we have seen, which is why we need to take action and urge the government to push ahead with compulsory microchipping for all dogs. If Prince had been microchipped we would have had a better chance of finding out who was accountable for his neglect”.


Thank you for donating to such a wonderful charity.


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I am raising money in the name of Prince who The Mayhew found dumped under a pile of rubbish in a London Park, barely alive . Sadly Prince could not be saved but I want his death to lead to something positive so that his memory can live on.

05/03/13 01:25

Raising money for

The Mayhew Animal Home

The Mayhew Animal Home

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The Mayhew Animal Home is one of the busiest animal sanctuaries in London, finding safe and loving homes for thousands of dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs each year. The Mayhew focuses heavily on the prevention of cruelty and neglect and runs highly successful neutering, educational, fostering, volunteering, community and international projects.

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Donation by Anonymous on 25/01/15


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I watched Prince's video, it was heartbreaking, I'm so very sorry he went through what he did. I hope he is at peace now, he deserved so much more! RIP Prince, run free.

Donation by Matt Beastall on 17/01/15

Donation by Anonymous on 06/10/14


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Donation by Anonymous on 07/01/14


I hope you reach your memory of Prince. No one deserves to be treated like that....may he rest in peace now....

Donation by Mike Martin on 16/08/13


What a heartless person to do this to such a beautiful soul. Thank you for the love and care you gave Prince in his final hours.

Donation by Celeste Gale on 31/05/13


How anybody could hurt a harmless animal is beyond me. Your doing something great.

Donation by kirsty and her pup Toby on 24/04/13


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RIP Prince such a sad story. Keep up the good work guys. Your doing an amazing job.

Donation by R Chadha on 19/04/13


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Donation by Anonymous on 16/04/13


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Donation by Sue Reynolds on 31/03/13

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It is not much but from the bottom of my heart. So many thanks for your dedication. It makes the world a little bit warmer.

Donation by Sabine Effgen on 27/03/13

I was in tears reading the story of Prince. Absolutely heartbreaking...

Donation by Nisa Berzeg on 25/03/13


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If the owner was struggling with vet bills, in prince's defence, would have been better to seek help 1st

Donation by diane hitch on 24/03/13


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Prince's story touched my heart - sorry it's not more. Anna from New Zealand

Donation by Anna Killick on 24/03/13

Donation by Vicki Roberts on 23/03/13


Such a sad way for a beautiful dog to end his life, thank you for being there and trying your best for him

Donation by Caroline Shipsey on 23/03/13


What happened to Prince is unforgivable but his Legacy will live on xx Thank you. Sweet dreams Princexxx

Donation by Annette Abram on 22/03/13


2300 now...hope you get much much more!

Donation by Marketa Zvelebil on 22/03/13


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Donation by Jackie Rawe on 19/03/13


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My heart hurts reading Prince's story. What a beautiful, sweet boy he was. Thank you for helping him.

Donation by Heather M Smith-Hillman on 19/03/13


Prince's story brings tears to my eyes each time I see a post. God bless you for the work you do!

Donation by Julie Edghill-Seale on 18/03/13


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dear prince i hope the scum recieves a horrible future in one way or another bless you all you wonderful carers xxxx

Donation by jane clarke on 17/03/13


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