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Champions of the Flyway is a major new international bird race that is being staged in Eilat, Israel – home of one of the world’s most desirable birding destinations and famous migration spectacles.

The Way-off Coursers are one of several international bird racing teams attempting to find, identify and log as many species as possible as they go head to head with other crack teams in an intense 24 hour contest to win the coveted title ‘Champions of the Flyway’.

While the racing might be light-hearted, our goal is serious - to raise conservation funding that will help the BirdLife International Partnership tackle the illegal killing of birds in southern and eastern Europe.

Our team members are Bill Thompson III, Michael O'Brien, George Armistead and Ben Lizdas. 

We really need your help to raise funds to put an end to the illegal killing of birds. Please show your support and make a donation today. 

If you'd like to stay in touch with all the action, please remember to add your email when you donate so BirdLife can keep you updated on the race and the important conservation action they'll be delivering with your help. 

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BirdLife International

BirdLife International

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BirdLife International is the world’s largest nature conservation partnership and the world leader in bird conservation. We believe in a world rich in biodiversity where people and nature live in harmony. We offer that hope for the future of the planet but we need your help to achieve it.

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Knowing George since we went on his first Field Guides tour and having met Michael O'Brien while in Belize, we're happy to sponsor this 'elite' team. We'd pledged 50 cents per species to George!

Donation by Richard Kuehn / Dean Schuler on 02/05/14


Direct donations received by Bill Thompson III, from birding friends Janice and Scott Emrick, and Robin and Roger Chanin, and then rounded up by me.

Donation by BT3 (on behalf of my friends) on 16/04/14


Great cause, great pictures!

Donation by Warren Cairo & Claudia Burns on 04/04/14


Donation by Anonymous on 31/03/14


Donation by Sharon Lynn on 31/03/14


DO IT, DUDES!!! I'm mighty proud!!!

Donation by Kiskadeejan on 31/03/14


Go guys, go!

Donation by Debbie Barnes on 30/03/14


This is for the birds!

Donation by dqbirdie on 30/03/14


What Jeff and Liz Gordon said!

Donation by Steve and Renee Thompson on 30/03/14


Good luck, you are raising funds for one of my pet causes!

Donation by Tara O'Leary on 30/03/14


Thanks for using your prodigious birding and social media skills to highlight the wonders and hazards of bird migration. Y'all are doing a great job representing the North American birding community!

Donation by Jeff and Liz Gordon on 30/03/14


Keep up the good work!

Donation by Brian & Sheryl Caine on 30/03/14


Maureen Gallagher-McLeod

Donation by Anonymous on 30/03/14


Donation by Anonymous on 30/03/14


Eye of the Tiger.

Donation by Mark Hedden on 30/03/14


Donation by Annie K. Main on 30/03/14


Bird hard!

Donation by Curt & Kathy Hofer on 29/03/14


I wish it was so much more!

Donation by Janet Lee McKnight on 28/03/14


Good luck BT3 and team!

Donation by Julie Davis on 28/03/14


Good luck and have fun! Thanks for your participation. The Reinharts

Donation by Anonymous on 27/03/14


Donation by Jerry and Jody Zamirowski on 27/03/14


This sounds like an adventure and then some. Enjoying it vicariously with you!

Donation by Ellen Gald on 26/03/14


Best of luck, guys! This is such an important cause. Thanks for taking the time to raise awareness and money for it.

Donation by Paul Pisano on 26/03/14


For BT3. All the best.

Donation by Marcy on 21/03/14


Go get 'em!

Donation by Kim Beard on 21/03/14


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