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As many of you may already know, my brother Robby was lucky enough to live through the horrific earthquake that has just impacted Chile. 

His report to us has described how the earthquake initially ripped through the community of Matanzas; destroying buildings, roads, electricity and water supplies. 

Just minutes after the earthquake struck, a tsunami completely destroyed the small coastal town.

Whilst the initial loss of life was thankfully low, the problem that the town now faces is how to rebuild their lives. The majority of the people who live here are fisherman or farmers, and they will not be able to afford to rebuild their lives without aid. 

The charity that will help us here is a small organisation that specialises in long-term revival after disaster. 

Please give generously to help us do what we can to help the people in Matanzas.

Thank You.

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The Charity IDEALS (International Disaster and Emergency Aid with Long Term Support) is dedicated to helping relieve poverty, distress & suffering in any part of the world affected by conflict or natural disaster. Usually, but not limited to, providing medical aid & humanitarian support.

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Donation by Anonymous on 06/04/14

Donation by Anonymous on 02/04/14

Suurepärane ettevõtmine.

Donation by Erik Liim on 21/06/10


Ich wünsche Euch Wind und Wellen, aber in Zukunft ohne Zerstörung. Good Surf and Kitte Helmut

Donation by Helmut Kraus on 06/05/10


Well done, that is an amazing amount you have raised.

Donation by Nick Reid on 28/04/10


+ £2.82 Gift Aid

Are prayers go out to the people of Chile.

Donation by Matthew Friesen on 01/04/10


Good luck & all the best for you and the people in Mantanzas!

Donation by Sarah Buttgereit on 26/03/10


The Miller family admires all that Swift brothers are doing. You are amazing young men!

Donation by Pamela & Bruce Miller on 20/03/10

What wonderful men you are.... thinking of you and everyone in Mantanzas.

Donation by Susie & Francois Luyet on 20/03/10

Donation by nayra alonso cabrera on 17/03/10


Matanzas is a amazing place with amazing people, well done David and good luck boy's

Donation by Chris Martin on 16/03/10


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Best wishes from Rob and Fran Weir

Donation by frances weir on 15/03/10


+ £28.21 Gift Aid

Donation by Dirk Dodt on 15/03/10


Robby and Heidy come home safe!!

Donation by Micah Buzianis on 14/03/10


Donation by Derek McKee on 13/03/10


All The Best to everybody in matanzas

Donation by Peer Schwenke on 13/03/10


Good Luck Robby, thinking about you guys.

Donation by Kazuko Boeker on 12/03/10


Well done fellas - fine work

Donation by Brian McDowell on 12/03/10


Good luck Robby, so proud of what you are doing out there. Stay safe Kara and Daniel x

Donation by Kara Funnell on 11/03/10


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Donation by MK Daniels on 11/03/10


Donation by andy summerfield on 10/03/10


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glad you guys are alright, good luck with everything!

Donation by Peter Volwater on 09/03/10


Good luck with the building project

Donation by Mary Gibson on 09/03/10


+ £5.64 Gift Aid

All the best.

Donation by Trish Glassey & Clark McPherson on 09/03/10


Good Luck and Best Wishes

Donation by Colin and Elizabeth Harris on 08/03/10


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