Assalamualykum Warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu.

JazakAllah khair for visiting my page, this is "my" first attempt at trying to raise money online for a charity, So i ask you all to donate generously. You know where your money is going and indeed your reward lies with Allah.

25 people give 20=500
50 people give10=500

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ doesnt look so hard when its put like that right? So please do donate may Allah reward you all with jannah. Ameen

Where does your money go.

This years treck endevours to raise money for the poor children of Africa who are deprived of knowledge. Knowledge that could help them stand on their own two feet and fend for themseleves.

We have it all good food, free education, loving family and friends, even when we fall ill we have free treatment. Please dig deep into your pockets and help me to raise money for the poor in africa.

JazakAllah khair

Your brother

Ehsaan Tahmid

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Muslim Aid

Muslim Aid

Charity Registration No. 295224

Muslim Aid is an international relief and development agency that works to alleviate suffering among the world's poorest and most needy communities, regardless of race, religion, gender, nationality or political opinion. Set up in 1985, Muslim Aid currently supports projects in more than 50 countries around the world.

Raising money for

Run by Muslim Aid

Charity Registration No. 295224

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Donation by jumara miah on 23/05/10


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Salaam akhi, I wish you all the best on your trek. Inshaa Allah u will be successful. Ameen.

Donation by Fulan ibn fulan on 05/05/10


Asalaamu alaykum, Hope everything goes well for you brother and that insha'allah you reach your target. May Allah reward you abundently. Ameen.

Donation by Naeema Hussein on 28/04/10


May Allah bless your efforts and bring happiness to the suffering children: whatever their religion!

Donation by M. Manwar Ali (Abu Muntasir) on 27/04/10


+ £5.64 Gift Aid

May Allah keep you safe in your treck Br Ehsaan! Ameen

Donation by Salma Begum on 26/04/10


Donation by asha uddin on 26/04/10


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