Starting on the 17th of March 2012, I will be walking/trekking/hiking the entire length of the Appalachian trail. For those of you who don't know the Appalachian trail is a hiking trail that runs the entire length of the Appalachian Mountain range, from Springer Mountain in northern Georgia to Mt. Katardan in Central Maine, essentially the entire length of the Eastern sea board of the United States. An estimated 2,175 mile trek.

I also would like to raise some money whilst doing this for the GVI charitable Trust. I have worked with this charity in the past and truely believe in what they do. The charity operates in many countries, combating poverty, lacking educatuion and disaster relief. A good example of their work is what I saw them doing first-hand in ecuador. Raising money to provide educational supplies to combat illerateracy, teach english and science in the local schools of isolated communities in eastern ecuador. This is a genuinely good cause that I think deserves alittle bit of support that it didnt ask for to help it do the encredible job that it does. Which is why Im asking for a small donation to sponsor me to do this hike.

This would be a challenge for anyone to accomplish the 10% who set out every year who actually achieve the feat take on adverage 4-5 months to complete this. I will not set a target time as such but I have a deadline of the 15th of october (roughly 7 months) to accomplish this. I will be carrying everything to survive in the wilderness for this time period, so that is with a pack of approximatley 35-40 pounds (17.5-20 kgs) the whole time. With the exception of stopping approximatley every 5-10 days to stock up of food and other essentials I will be living and sleeping in tents/shelters along the trail the entire time.

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Thank you to all of you who have donated. I'm now offically halfway in Harper's Ferry, ticking off my 4th state and I'll be entering the 6th tomorrow -Maryland.

23/05/12 11:55

Raising money for

Global Vision International Charitable Trust

Global Vision International Charitable Trust

Charity Registration No. 1111494

The GVI Charitable Trust is a non-political, non-religious charity that provides scholarships on award winning social and environmental projects for international youths who need inspiration skills and practical experience to access employment and ongoing career mentorship and career development.

Raising money for

Run by Global Vision International Charitable Trust

Charity Registration No. 1111494

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Congratulations - a great adventure and a good cause

Donation by Andrew Newton on 07/09/12


+ £5.00 Gift Aid

Well done!!! But what, no moose?!

Donation by Stephanie Baylis-Crisp on 17/08/12


+ £6.25 Gift Aid

Congratulations! I'm very proud of your journey!

Donation by Kelton Riley on 31/07/12


WELL DONE!!!! Love, Uncle Ed and Aunt Sandra

Donation by Sandra Riley on 30/07/12


Amazing progress so far, Leif. Keep it up!

Donation by Kelton Riley on 28/06/12

You are awesome! Keep on trekking!!

Donation by Sandra Riley on 07/06/12


Congrats on the "half way" of your trek. Have fun & rest spite in eastern Pa. Much Love "The Parents"

Donation by Stella Prindle-Middleton on 05/06/12


Congrats on passing the halfway point, and hitting Pennsylvania!

Donation by Kelton Riley on 31/05/12

Wishing you all the very best for your huge adventure, from a very stormy Stanley

Donation by Miranda McKee on 17/05/12


Picking your Mum up today. Hope to see you soon somewhere in Virginia. Love Aunt Sandra

Donation by Sandra Riley on 07/05/12


Congrats on hitting Virginia!

Donation by Kelton Riley on 19/04/12

Happy belated birthday Cousin! Hope the journey's going well.

Donation by Kelton Riley on 06/04/12


Happy Birthday, Leif!!! "Happy Trails to You Until We Meet Again." Your mother will know where that came from. Love, Uncle Ed and Aunt Sandra

Donation by Sandra Riley on 04/04/12


A very Happy Birthday Leif. How's the view from the highest point on the trail ? Keep on treking !! Love Mum and Dad

Donation by Phil Middleton on 03/04/12


A trek of a lifetime! Hope you enjoy every step of the way. Best wishes for a safe journey Leif.

Donation by Kathleen Dobbyns on 27/03/12


Congrats Leif on starting week 3. Amie, Bo, and I wish you good luck. I have them home with me this week for spring break! Wish me luck!

Donation by Aunt Sandra and Uncle Ed on 26/03/12


Safe trekking, Cousin!

Donation by Kelton Riley on 26/03/12


It's a big challenge Leif! Enjoy it and look after your feet!

Donation by Carol Cant on 25/03/12


Good luck Leif and well done; get some time to take in some good bluegrass music.

Donation by Uncle David and Auntie Helen on 24/03/12


Good Luck Leif!

Donation by Anonymous on 24/03/12

What a challenge! Be sure to stay safe and enjoy each day and adventure. God Bless. x

Donation by Adrian & Daphne Arthur-Almond on 20/03/12


Good luck Leif, looks like an amazing journey awaits you.

Donation by Carol Peck on 18/03/12


+ £12.50 Gift Aid

Go for it Leif! A far cry from the Amazon, eh? Keep the stories coming and good luck!

Donation by Owen Morgan on 16/03/12


Best of luck Leif - stay clear of the bears! Enjoy and stay safe.

Donation by Nikki Buxton on 16/03/12


And so your adventure begins. We are with you in spirit. Enjoy! See you at the end of the Trail

Donation by Richard and Marty on 15/03/12

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