UPDATE: Gaza and the West Bank have just experienced the worst winter storm in decades. A significant proportion of Gaza is now underwater. 10,000 people have been displaced from their home. MAP is working with local and international aid organisations to support the needs of Palestinians in Gaza.


This year tens of thousands of Palestinian refugees have fled the violence in Syria arriving in Lebanon. Further south, the population of Gaza is in its seventh year inside the blockade. In the West Bank violence because of the occupation is at its worst for years.

Caught in the middle of these catastrophes are children: homeless, stateless, facing a hard winter and a bleak future. Thanks to you, MAP has been able to reach out and support thousands of these children over the last year.

But we need you to help the children of Palestine this Christmas.

£25 will allow us to carry on delivering aid to Palestinian children.

£50 could help us supply medicine, which has run out, to save the life of a premature baby in Gaza.

£100 could provide psychosocial support to a child who sees the daily violence of the occupation in the West Bank

£250 could help provide lifesaving tertiary care for a child who has fled the violence in Syria.

We promise to use your donation to support the medical and health needs of the Palestinian people, wherever the need is greatest. 

Updated: December 2013

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To help the victims of the floods we have given mattresses, blankets and hygiene kits to help people clean their homes after the devastation. But we desperately need your help now so we can get more.

19/12/13 11:39

Raising money for

Medical Aid for Palestinians

Medical Aid for Palestinians

Charity Registration No. 1045315

Medical Aid for Palestinians works for the health and dignity of Palestinians living under occupation and as refugees.

Raising money for

Run by Medical Aid for Palestinians

Charity Registration No. 1045315

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This is for disabled people in Gaza.... From me.. Keep smiling and Laughing.... Do Not Give up..... Do NOT let the evil of The I.D.F. kill your spirit.....

Donation by Sam Brackenbury on 23/07/15


Donation by Anonymous on 08/07/15


+ £2.50 Gift Aid

Donation by Anonymous on 05/07/15

May Allah ease the suffering of our brothers and sisters. Ameen

Donation by Anonymous on 08/02/15


Donation by Roger Chapman on 27/01/15


+ £5.00 Gift Aid

May Allah swt bless you all and reward you for all your efforts insha'Allah. I will continuously support you all and continuously donate every month insha'Allah. With love and prayers. xxx

Donation by Anonymous on 18/01/15


+ £37.50 Gift Aid

Donation by Anonymous on 12/11/14

This is from Frome Friends of Palestine

Donation by Mick Randall on 14/10/14


+ £10.50 Gift Aid

Donation by Anonymous on 05/08/14


+ £42.50 Gift Aid

from anonym

Donation by Michel on 31/07/14


Donation by Anonymous on 25/07/14

In sha Allah the people of Palestine will see the ending of this dreadful time very soon, what is to be will be as it is written, and only Allah knows when the suffering will end..

Donation by on 19/07/14

Insha'Allah their suffering eases soon and until then Allah grants them strong hearts and continued hope in His mercy.

Donation by Anonymous on 14/07/14


+ £5.00 Gift Aid

Only for gaza

Donation by Anonymous on 11/07/14


+ £12.50 Gift Aid

Donation by Sapana Gurung on 11/07/14

Only Allah swt knows when this will end until then I pray we are able to help and give as much as possible to ease the troubles of these innocents. Pure genocide and the world just looks on...

Donation by Anonymous on 10/07/14

Donation by Methuselah on 01/03/14


You have nothing but respect for your continued fight for Palestine... Please make sure this money goes to a disabled person, as I am disabled and would like to support disabled people in Palastine

Donation by Sam Brackenbury on 13/02/14


For solar power projects in Gaza

Donation by Maureem on 27/01/14


+ £12.50 Gift Aid

Phyllis Kelly, a lady & friend who will be remembered by so many for her wisdom, kindness and care for others.

Donation by Margie Arts on 11/01/14

Donation by Anonymous on 09/01/14


+ £1.25 Gift Aid

Donation by Anonymous on 09/01/14


In the hope of bringing a small degree of comfort to these long suffering people.

Donation by KR on 07/01/14


+ £50.00 Gift Aid

Donation by Dan Mace on 07/01/14

International governments need to have the courage to stand up to Israel and end the blockade of Gaza and the occupation as a whole.

Donation by claire wintram on 07/01/14

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