Over one thousand factory workers died in the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh, some of whom were responsible for making the clothes we buy on our high streets.

We bought the clothes. We benefited from their cheap prices at the expense of the workers and their families. It's easy to pretend it's not our problem, but the reality is that we are part of the system in which this disaster, and others like it, take place.

Pay your T-Shirt Tax by donating money to Action Aid to support its work with the victims of this disaster. We owe it to the workers who risk their lives to sustain our lifestyles.

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News update about where the funds raised will be spent: ActionAid will be working with the most vulnerable women affected by the disaster providing skills-based training, tailored to each individual’s needs, to ensure women can access employment and support their families.

11/06/13 08:24

The Guardian reports today on a survey showing that 3/5 of garment factories in Bangladesh are a 'cause for concern'. More evidence, if any was needed, that this campaign needs to continue.

03/06/13 09:37

20% of the target reached! Thank you everyone. The target was plucked out of the air when I set up the site back in April, and I am confident we will make it! The stories of the garment workers may be out of the headlines, but the message of solidarity is still resonating.

02/06/13 05:52

Incredible and fantastic news that a woman has been found alive in the wreckage today, but the death toll is horrific. Thank you everyone for your support for our appeal.

10/05/13 02:12

We've had over 150,000 people see our facebook page....and nearly 5,000 'likes'. Can you help us persuade people that sharing the link isn't enough - they should come and donate too!

09/05/13 10:43

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Time to donate again - still buying clothes in the UK made in Bangladesh....

Donation by Victoria Butler-Cole on 01/05/15


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Good luck with fundraising for these poor people. I shall post on Facebook and Twitter.

Donation by WENDY RIGG on 10/10/13


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May God watch over the survivors and protect the families of those affected and allow help and justice to prevail. Ameen.

Donation by Saima K on 08/10/13


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A wonderful idea!!!! x

Donation by Anonymous on 05/07/13


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Donation by Anonymous on 01/07/13

I think this is a fantastic idea and anyone who has made a purchase that came from Bangladesh owes it to these people to give something back.

Donation by on 28/06/13

A small donation for the workers.

Donation by Neal Baudiinette on 25/06/13

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Donation by Donna Mortimer on 02/06/13


Donation by Anonymous on 02/06/13


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Great effort helping those in this avoidable horrific tragedy. Women died just to earn ~ 16p an hour... hope this donation supports their families.

Donation by Anonymous on 28/05/13

God bless!!!

Donation by Brar Ranjit on 28/05/13

Donation by Victoria Bennett on 27/05/13

Donation by Judith Moore on 23/05/13

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