We Are Many is a feature length documentary that tells the story of the biggest protest in history, and reveals its unreported legacy. 

On 15 February 2003, over 15 million people marched against the war on Iraq, in over 800 cities around the world. 

The film is now completed, and we need your help to prepare for the national and international release of the film. The funds are needed to cover the costs of releasing the film in cinemas, staffing and of course publicity and marketing. 

The film has had an amazing response since its world festival premiere (see quotes below). See the trailer here:

We have teamed up with the charity WAR ON WANT so that all donations given through JustGiving by UK taxpayers will attract Gift Aid and be worth an extra 25 per cent at no cost to you. Please dig deep and donate now.

You can also donate any amount via JustTextGiving: For example, simply text IRAQ77 £15 to 70070 with your mobile phone.

And for further details of We Are Many, visit

With your help, we can we can present, to the world, this inspiring story of how a handful of peace activists created a global movement on a completely unprecedented scale, and how that movement left an unexpected impact on the social and political landscape.

In a series of captivating interviews with prominent figures from both the political pro-war circles and the anti-war community, the road to war and the historic protest and the subsequent war is compellingly recounted.

Filmed in seven countries and featuring rare and previously unseen footage, this star-studded film charts the birth and rise of the people power movements sweeping the world, linking the amazing stories from February 2003 with today's events, including the Arab Spring. 

It is a powerful and at times moving tribute to organised dissent and the power of the people… It is admirably watchable and provocative… Amirani is to be congratulated for this passionate and provocative film.Screen Daily / International

An all star cast of artists, activists and politicians remember the mass global protests against the Iraq War in this polished documentary.Hollywood Reporter

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What a great film . More people should see it . Thankyou for allowing us to show it

Donation by Aberdeen and District CND on 20/03/16


Spread the word!

Donation by Thevoid on 20/11/15


Thank you Amir for this beautiful film. So Inspirational how/why people in their millions said, and will continue to say no to war again and again. Thank you for exposing lies and revealing truth. x

Donation by Mariora Goschen on 19/11/15


+ £75.00 Gift Aid

good luck

Donation by sam on 12/11/15


This is an extremely important documentary which could be a "wake -up" call for those who have grown frustrated. It takes the perseverance of good people to keep their government in check.

Donation by Cheryl Parker on 07/11/15


How can I help promote more screenings? Can one purchase the film for screening? There's a screening in NYC tonight however I'll be at work, so haven't yet seen the film.

Donation by Ina Bransome on 06/11/15


Came to the London screening last night - amazing film, great Q&A afterwards too. Good luck with it!

Donation by Ben Harris on 06/10/15


+ £7.50 Gift Aid

Thank you Amir for reminding me that if the world united to say no to war on 15th February 2003 it can do so again.'Another world is possible'!

Donation by Kristina McElroy on 28/07/15


I was there...

Donation by Mitch on 10/06/15

I hope you will bring the movie to Australia

Donation by Michael on 09/06/15


I was in Afganistan, trying to fix their mess

Donation by Anonymous on 07/06/15


Donation by Anonymous on 07/06/15


Let's Get this film to Ireland!

Donation by Siobhan on 01/06/15


We need this film and the truth to be told in a clear compelling way so that many people can overcome their Fox induced ignorance about the real motivation for Bush's and Blair's war crimes.

Donation by Karen Matthews on 30/05/15


+ £5.00 Gift Aid

An eye opener.

Donation by Anonymous on 27/05/15


+ £5.00 Gift Aid

Brilliant film- should be seen by every person in the UK with the message: don't just sit there and complain about the government. Take to the streets,stand up and be counted. This is your legacy

Donation by Tamara on 27/05/15


+ £5.00 Gift Aid

Donation by Vanessa Ansa on 26/05/15


+ £2.50 Gift Aid

Please bring this message to the world. This is a story that needs to be told and shared. Thank you for your courageous work. Can't wait to see this in the US.

Donation by Lori Carter, Carrboro, NC USA on 25/05/15


Donation by Anonymous on 23/05/15


Please try to release the film in New Zealand. Kiwis once roared against US nuclear subs and they need to learn to roar again against the aerial dropping of the poison 1080 all over their lands x

Donation by Valerie Leppard on 23/05/15


Hope this film can find the nationwide release it deserves.

Donation by James Couper on 21/05/15


+ £6.25 Gift Aid

Donation by sherry beck on 19/05/15


Thank you Amir, this film needs to be seen.

Donation by Amanda on 18/05/15


+ £5.00 Gift Aid

Donation by Anonymous on 17/05/15


+ £5.00 Gift Aid

I was there and the true story is never told by the mainstream media. Campaigns like this to tell the truth are vital to our democracy.

Donation by John Harrington on 17/05/15


+ £6.25 Gift Aid

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