Update: With your help so far we’ve been able to produce a campaign video (watch it here:, revamp our website and build the support of over 80,000 individuals and 530 organisations around the world. All further donations will still make a huge difference to what we can do at this crucial stage for clinical trial transparency. Keep checking for the latest news and other ways you can help the campaign.

Half of all clinical trials have never been published. Researchers, patients and doctors need to know what was done and what they found, to make decisions about which treatment is best.

Regulations are supposed to fix the problem of missing trials: they have been ignored. Voluntary "codes of conduct" are full of holes. So research institutions and companies continue to withhold important information about treatments.

Sense About Science have agreed to taken this on as a campaign, after their excellent work on libel reform. Everything donated here will go to support the AllTrials campaign. We will run a public campaign, build an informative website, press pharmaceutical companies, lobby politicians and stakeholders, brief journalists and make it news.

Nobody profits from secrecy, least of all industry. The one thing that has perpetuated the current situation is a lack of public awareness. A public campaign will push this over, and together we can make clinical trials the contribution to understanding that they should be.

Thank you for your generous support.

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Such important work you guys are doing.

Donation by Nathan Crosskey on 18/04/15


Happy to support this organisation, wish I had more to give...

Donation by Anonymous on 17/04/15


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Happy to support evidence whatever it demonstrates.

Donation by Prof David Fletcher on 17/04/15


Donation by Anonymous on 16/04/15


Strongly support that data from all trials must be public.

Donation by Anders Hernborg, Sweden on 17/04/15


It is completely unethical to approve medicine for use in patients when ALL the information about that medicine has not been peer reviewed. Unbelievable that this hasn't been fixed sooner.

Donation by Anonymous on 16/04/15


Donation by David Taylor on 09/04/15


+ £5.00 Gift Aid

Donation by Anonymous on 04/04/15

20,00 €

In order for medicine to be of use, it must be evidence-based. To be evidence-based, data must be available publicly...

Donation by Blanka Collis on 15/03/15


+ £2.50 Gift Aid

Donation by Zoe Neill-St. Clair on 15/03/15


Donation by Anonymous on 06/03/15

1. "You have to prove what is right about your exp but you also have to prove what is wrong about your exp.“ 2. “I wld rather have ?s which c/nt be answered than answers that c/nt be ?ed.“ R. Feynman

Donation by Casper Beran on 06/03/15


This is the reason I have not yet lost faith in a career in science and public health. Well done. Keep the pressure on!!

Donation by GK on 04/03/15

Your work must be shared with all who care about improvement in health outcomes. This is a must.

Donation by B. Greenberg on 21/02/15


Donation by Anonymous on 17/02/15


Donation by Anonymous on 15/02/15


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Donation by Mike Skerratt on 11/02/15


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Donation by Anonymous on 10/02/15


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Keep up the good work! This is so important.

Donation by Anonymous on 07/02/15


Congratulations on a very overdue campaign.

Donation by Norman and Dorothy Feakins on 07/02/15


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Just read Bad Pharma and feel blown away by the scale of the problems in medicine. I don't work in medicine but, as a patient, this problem simply can't be ignored.

Donation by Christopher Cox on 06/02/15


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My biggest fear as a journalist is unwittingly misleading the public when the truth is out there. Thank you for running this campaign.

Donation by Ruth on 04/02/15


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I relinquish my Ameri-dollars to your care.

Donation by C-Boi on 03/02/15


keep up the good work

Donation by Anonymous on 03/02/15


A really important cause for the future of medical research.

Donation by Adam Stevens on 02/02/15


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