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I am doing the London Marathon! Its on April 13th.

I am utterly mad and already knackered after starting my training way too early in October 2007!!

Working with a fabulous company every day but Sunday , called Motive8

Gareth ,my personal guru! entertains me with stories of his love life ,so I barely notice the pain and muscle aches from the running and work -outs

They take it seriously but don't put you on a killer regime ,I can't recommend them enough!

Enjoying it but I am not super skinny as I had hoped and have instead become addicted to Lattes and cake!!

Please would you all consider sponsoring me!

 The Big Runs have started!!! ( make of that what you will!)

 On Saturday the  8th March I ran 15 miles in 2 hrs 30 mins around Richmond Park, it was only Abba that got me through it!!

Lots of Love

Amanda xxx

Update 25th March 2008

Dear Friends

Ran 10 miles in the snow and hail of Norfolk, Easter weekend!! It was like having a bloody face peel !!!

Didn't feel one ounce of guilt scoffing chocolate after that!

Thanks for all lovely sponsors and hilarious messages so far!

Am doing another big one this weekend!!!

Love Chaffed of Richmond!!!!'


On Saturday 29th March I did another 15miles!! Chris cycled it to  keep me company as the worst thing for me to cope with is not having anyone to chat to!

I was pleased with my time at dead on two hours but even prouder that I ran past John Lewis on Kingston Bridge and didn't go in for a quick shop!!!

Can't wait for the atmosphere of the big day and already thinking of doing  the New York Marathon though I doubt I'll get further than Saks and Bloomingdales!!!

Love Me x

Thursday 10th April!!!!!!

Last day of training today, although it kind of went wrong and ended up a photo shoot for a national paper this weekend! Did a bit of running but mainly froze my arse off posing!!

Am waking up every morning now with 'Exam Tummy'! Constant butterflies! Nerves mixed with trepidation and excitment. The BBC are tracking me, am worried I will be spotted on camera having a sneaky wee behind a bush because I don't want to queue for the loo's and add to my time!!!

Doing no exercise for next two days just eating which is fabulous!!

Hope to be in a fit state on Sunday to add my final blog after the race!!!!!!!!

Love Amanda xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4hrs 13mins and 22 secs, finished 2763 out of approx 34,000!!!!

And bloody loved every second of it!

Mainly because of all the wonderful support all the way around! The crowds were fab, the drumming , the music, the other runners patting each others backs!!

Next to giving birth to Lexi I can honestly say it was the best day of my life!!!!

Thank you so much for your donations!!

I am definitely considering doing another one!!

Everyone should consider doing it at least once!!! I think I may have persuaded Piers!!!

Simon would only do it if he was carried around by four buxom women on a chariot!!

Big thanks to MOTIVE8 and especially Gareth who trained me and Sarah who massaged  my poor aching body today!!!!

Well done to all runners xxxxxxx See you next year !



All the money raised will go towards the Born Free Foundation, an international wildlife charity working throughout the world to stop individual wild animal suffering and protect threatened species in the wild.

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Born Free Foundation

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you done born free foundation pround and the animals lifes you will help to safe with the money that you have rasied well done amanda

Donation by shaun turner on 11/05/08


+ £0.85 Gift Aid

This comes from your good friend Bill, as he promised

Donation by A very Good Friend on 24/04/08


+ £282.05 Gift Aid

Bringing style and beauty to the London Marathon, well done Amanda! xxx

Donation by Anon Amanda fan (female) on 21/04/08


+ £4.23 Gift Aid

Well done! Now to be cheeky - I'm doing the moonwalk to raise awareness for breast cancer on 17 May 2008 - please sponsor me on the justgiving websit

Donation by Patsy Lydon on 19/04/08


+ £2.82 Gift Aid

well done Amanda Holden

Donation by Carolyn on 16/04/08


+ £2.82 Gift Aid

Bloody fantastic time! You're an inspiration. Well done, Girl - I'm gonna do one next year for my 40th :-)

Donation by Sandra Thomas on 15/04/08


+ £2.82 Gift Aid

It is refreshing to see someone running for an animal charity, especially the Born Free Foundation, well done.

Donation by Melissa on 15/04/08


+ £5.64 Gift Aid

WELL DONE!!! 26miles and your hair looked amazing well done me ha ha.Really well done so proud of you xox

Donation by Lino Carbosiero on 14/04/08


+ £28.21 Gift Aid

Love the Born Free Foundation. Thanks for raising loads of money for them.

Donation by Bob & Laura on 14/04/08


+ £2.82 Gift Aid

I can't keep up financially with Piers or Simon but I'm a bigger fan of yours than either of them. Very well done!!!

Donation by Brian Shearing on 14/04/08


+ £14.10 Gift Aid

Congratulations. You should be really proud!

Donation by moira trezise on 14/04/08


+ £5.64 Gift Aid

Didn't manage to catch you up yesterday, Rigor Mortis has set in today. Great Charity

Donation by Paul Kelty on 14/04/08


+ £1.41 Gift Aid

Sorry it can't be more. I think you do a fantastic job.

Donation by Karen Dick on 14/04/08


+ £7.05 Gift Aid

Well done Amanda!

Donation by Yvonne I'Anson (Mountview) on 14/04/08


+ £2.82 Gift Aid

Saw you on Good Morning and as I’ve always been a fan I thought I’d send a fiver your way for the big effort you’ve made. My daughters’ think you’re g

Donation by Amanda, Lorenza & Alessandra Michelucci on 14/04/08


+ £1.41 Gift Aid

Well done Amanda! Born Free are an amazing charity and thank you so much for raising this money for them! xxx

Donation by Jennifer Eadie on 14/04/08


+ £2.82 Gift Aid

Excellent run and wonderful charity; congratulations!

Donation by Andy Martin on 14/04/08


+ £16.92 Gift Aid

Well done! You did really well Love Belle x

Donation by Belle on 13/04/08


+ £8.46 Gift Aid

Amanda, i am sure all those animals will truly appreciate what you have done for them. I hope your not in too much pain from any chaffing! well done x

Donation by Cara Durbin on 13/04/08


+ £8.46 Gift Aid

Well Done YOU! Thank you for running for Born Free :)

Donation by Helen Cooper (Born Free Supporter) on 13/04/08


+ £5.64 Gift Aid

So pleased you are running for my favourite charity. Thank you for your support. Hope you enjoy, and have not got too wet. I see you have done well

Donation by Julie titcombe (Born Free Supporter) on 13/04/08


+ £4.23 Gift Aid

fantastic keep up the good work!!!!

Donation by peter, donna & daisy pyett on 13/04/08


+ £5.64 Gift Aid

You should make it to the end after all the hard training. Treat yourself to a giant box of chocs tonight.

Donation by Janice Ditchfield on 13/04/08


+ £5.64 Gift Aid

Really good to see a high profile personality running to raise money for endagnered species. Well do

Donation by Jane L on 13/04/08


+ £2.82 Gift Aid

Good luck. You're probably running now so hope you're not too wet!

Donation by Andrew Llinares on 13/04/08


+ £14.10 Gift Aid

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