Dear Friends and Family,

Welcome to my fundraising website to run the Namibia Desert Marathon next May!  I am fundraising for CWS (Child Welfare Scheme) to help disadvantaged children in Nepal.

Why the Namibia marathon?  After qualifying for the Boston marathon this year, I realized I was ready to take my passion for running to a different level.  I quickly decided that my new endeavor, to complete a marathon in the oldest desert in the world, should benefit others.  I have never fundraised for a marathon, but I am enthused to have your support as I pledge to raise £ 3000 ($5,000) for CWS in Nepal.

Why CWS? This is one of the charities associated with this race and it struck me as a noble cause.  In addition, a close friend in Costa Rica spent last summer in Nepal volunteering for underpriviledged children and I wanted to compliment her work.  You can read more about CWS at this link:

Last year alone, CWS helped over 13,000 children to obtain free health care, more than 500 children to have a safe place to play while their parents were at work, and over 5,000 Nepalese mothers learn how to look after their own health and the health of their children. Nepal is the least developed country in Asia, with years of conflict worsening the poverty. Out of every 100 children in Nepal, 42 live below the poverty line, 48 will be malnourished, 42 will be involved in child labor, 39 will not complete primary education, and 7 will die before their 5 birthday.  Your donation goes a long way in Nepal, for example:

$8 (£ 5) could help educate a Nepalese child by providing them with books for a year

$16 (£ 10) could provide medical help for a child living in a remote mountain community

$41 (£ 25) could prevent health problems and accidents associated with traditional stoves, by building an improved cooking stove for a family in Nepal

$65 (£ 40) could provide protection and safety for a girl at high risk of abuse, by paying for an emergency home for a month 

$82 (£ 50) could mean a street child no longer has to go hungry, by buying them a meal every day for a year

CWS is based in London, and therefore is only able to accept your contribution online in United Kingdom Pounds (£).  I apologize in advance for any inconvenience or confusion this may cause you.   Please use the following quick “cheat sheet” for currency conversion.

If you would like to give:   $10    = £ 6 $15    =  £ 9 $25    = £ 15 $50    = £ 31 $100  = £ 61 $250  = £ 153

If you would like to give other amounts, please feel free to use this site for currency conversion:   On May 24, I will begin my journey to London where I will meet up with the marathon and ultra-marathon teams.  From London, we will travel to Windhoek, Namibia and then drive into the Namib Desert where we will spend a few nights camping at the foot of Brandberg Mountain – Namibia’s highest peak – before we run our race.  The race director has warned that the temperatures could be as high as 110 degrees.  We will be completely self-reliant running with camelbaks, carrying all of the food and water supply we need on the course.  There will one medical tent at mile 13.1, which will serve as our one course checkpoint.  Otherwise, we will be relying on GPS devices to get us through the Namib desert (Namib in Nama means “vast”). If you’re interested in reading more about the marathon, see the link:

I am excited about this new adventure and inspired to use it to help others less fortunate.  I can't wait to share with you pictures and tales upon my return.  Thank you again for your support!

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Kidasha is dedicated to improving the lives of marginalised and vulnerable children in Western Nepal. In partnership with local organisations, we enable children to fulfil their potential; removing them from harmful situations, supporting their development and providing opportunities for the future.

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Donation by Margaret Spellings on 18/03/10


You're a ROCK STAR RHINO RACER!!! I am so proud of you. Just watch out for the lions!

Donation by Melissa DeCew on 15/03/10


Good Luck!!!

Donation by Lisa Gilbertson on 12/03/10


You inspire me! Que buena onda!

Donation by Arax Corn on 09/03/10


Be where you are -- is that what you just said? Run through the desert, obe-wan.

Donation by Jeff Connaughton on 08/03/10


Best of luck on your adventure!

Donation by Van on 08/03/10

Dear Ms. Running Fool: Best of luck re: the African marathon--I was posted in Cape Town, South Africa. Well worth a look if you have the time.

Donation by Kevin Caulfield on 08/03/10


Good luck!

Donation by Ashley Prime on 05/03/10

you're doing a great thing here

Donation by David Gewertz on 04/03/10

Best of luck!

Donation by Susan Aspey on 03/03/10


Go Schmoopy! Good luck!!!

Donation by Katie McCallum on 03/03/10



Donation by Chul Yim on 03/03/10

Angie love!! I'm so proud of you :) XOXOXO

Donation by Ellie Uptmor on 03/03/10


So proud of you Angie. Sending much love and luck your way!! xoxoxo!

Donation by Kathryn Holt on 03/03/10


Besos Ang.

Donation by Adam Lapidus on 02/03/10


Awesome adventure...Have fun!

Donation by Rich Firth on 26/02/10


Donation by Courtney Kolb on 26/02/10


Run Ang Run! I will be there in spirit.

Donation by Jeanie Torchio on 20/02/10


Angela, Good luck and you're awesome to run for charity. I hope your El Salvador trip went well--are you moving THERE now?

Donation by John Hume on 19/02/10


good luck in Namibia!

Donation by Kerri Briggs on 07/02/10

Second time's a charm, apparently! Good luck, girl!

Donation by Alyson Gabel on 04/02/10


Donation by Michael Van Hee on 04/02/10


lov u linda! suerte!!!!

Donation by Marianne Fischel on 03/02/10


This race sounds awesome. You are crazy though. Good luck.

Donation by Matt Miller on 03/02/10


pongale mop!!!

Donation by Javier Crespo on 03/02/10


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