I'm back, hopefully faster and stronger in 2007, back running for the Mental Health Foundation again in this years London Marathon.

Firstly, thank you for all your support... It has been amazing in 2006 the level of support I have with my running, both in terms of sponsorship and good will.  Please can I ask you all to dig deep in your pockets once again, and support both myself and the Mental Health Foundation, a very worthwhile charity - - I promise in return to train harder than ever in an attempt to beat last years time of 4 hours, 33 minutes and 33 seconds.

Remember, if you are a UK taxpayer, you can also claim gift aid on any charitable donations, making the MHF 28% more money at ABSOLUTELY NO COST TO YOURSELF! Please do that on the link where indicated.

Lots of love, and hope to see many more of you on the day - as well as at the local half marathons I have signed up for as practice -your support has been amazing.  At the moment these include:

Watford Half (Feb 4) Completed in 1hr 49min - and thank you to all of you who turned up to support me, was lovely to chat to a few of you!

Wokingham Half (Feb 11) 1:48 so getting quicker.  Thank you to Milly for the chocolate and the card - much enjoyed that evening.  You guys were incredible and a great motivation in getting to the end.  Thank you and was good to take time out after to have a good natter.

Great East Run (Feb 18) -1:43 but 1k less distance so roughly same pace as 1:48 but tougher course so I'm more pleased with this one.  And as I write on Monday, this is the first time I've felt I could run on a Monday so I'm feeling like I'm making good progress!  Thanks for coming Kerry - good to see you...

Eastbourne Half (Feb 25) 1:51 - eek a bit slower but I haven't been too well this week and also there was a mahussive hill at 3 miles which nearly finished me off.   Really pleased thou as this was a tough one and it was a big mental thing to get through it.  Hopefully with this weeks training it should all pay off again next week.  Thank you all for the presents! x

Berkhamsted Half (Mar 4) Get in - another personal best - 1:47 - all the training and the birthday drinks obviously paid off ;-) thanks to all who came - you are increasing by the week - and thanks for the challenge of beating 1:48 in return for sponsorship - I was happy to oblige... though there are some promised £10s yet to go up!!!!!!!!  Jon says thanks for his cards too - I've got loads off your guys so thank you. x

Duchy Marathon and 20 miler (March 11)  So I've just got back from the depths of Cornwall feeling a little deflated but then I realised I shouldn't... I did 20 miles in 3:10 -pleasing as a big step up from the half marathon - but they wouldn't give me an official finish  (or a medal) because I didn't cross the line, even though I was told that I could drop out at 20 miles and still finish!  I was too mentally gone at that point to think about the other 6.2 miles but 20 miles is a great step up and I'm really pleased.  What's a medal anyway between friends?!?!? A long, LONG way thou - hope to see some more of you at Silverstone next week... x

Silverstone Half (March 18) 1:44!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So finally dipped under 1:45...  thank you to all of you who have kept your promise to add a bonus fro this - for those of you that haven't...  Thank you for coming to watch in the wind, hail and general inclement weather...x

Liverpool Half (March 25) 1:48 dead - really good run and felt very strong at the end which has to be good.  Felling in better shape with each run so it bodes well...

South Coast Half (Apr 1) - SADLY I won't now be able to make it to Seaford on Sunday because of work commitments.  I know a few of you were planning to come so I can only apoplogise, but I have only just found out myself.  Look forward to seeing you at Belvoir and on the big day... x

Belvoir Half (Apr 8) - Would like to apologise - I woke up in the middle of the night with stomach cramps and sickness... think the last few days has taken it out of me more than I realised...!  I didn't make it as a result... would like to apologise to everyone who came expecting to see me -  I promise I will \make some time to see you another time...  I feel pretty fragile... but I'm sure it will pass in time for me to do the final touches to my marathon training! thank you for your continued support x x

Finally - can I ask you all for any good ideas for sponsorship. I have written off to several papers and radio stations requesting sponsorship etc... but any clever ideas you have would always come in handy, resourceful as you always seem to be.  Also putting this address on sigs on emails and on site forums etc would be a major boost.

I am arranging an auction of promises...  look out for some cool things to buy to raise money!  If you have anything to donate please be in touch on

Hope to see some of you there on the day!

Lots of love,

Ben x

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well done and keep fundraising. lots of love xx

Donation by Elaine on 03/06/07


+ £2.82 Gift Aid

Congratulations on completeing the marathon - you did brilliantly! xxx

Donation by Heidi Stevens on 01/05/07


+ £14.10 Gift Aid

What an amazing effort Ben. So proud of you.

Donation by AdDa on 28/04/07


+ £5.64 Gift Aid

payment for Wayne Rooney memorabilia on ebaY

Donation by Kirsty McGregor on 26/04/07


+ £9.87 Gift Aid

Keep on running, Ben, it's brilliant work for a great charity! Your fans' love goes with you!

Donation by Pocket Dingo on 26/04/07


+ £5.64 Gift Aid

payment for bolton wanderers meet and greet on ebay

Donation by kbw on 25/04/07


+ £99.56 Gift Aid

Well done you!

Donation by Lizzy and Rina on 24/04/07


Hi Ben money for shoes won on Ebay and extra for completing the marathon. You are my hero.

Donation by Jacqueline Franks on 24/04/07


+ £20.17 Gift Aid

Well done Ben - amazing time for the conditions and your illness at the time. Love Cathy XXXX

Donation by CathyK on 23/04/07


+ £2.82 Gift Aid

Well done Ben - keep up the good work!!

Donation by Echo (G4-online) on 23/04/07


+ £5.64 Gift Aid

Well done Ben! You must be chuffed - you've put your heart and soul into this!

Donation by Wenders on 22/04/07


+ £2.82 Gift Aid

Well done that man! you deserve an extra tenner - you DID it! :-)) Love Janice xx

Donation by Janice Hurst on 22/04/07


+ £2.82 Gift Aid

youve done so well today Ben lots of lovex

Donation by eileen and Hayley on 22/04/07


+ £2.82 Gift Aid

Watching to see if we spot you on telly! Good work, mate. And cheers to the spectacular cause. x

Donation by George & Sara on 22/04/07


+ £8.46 Gift Aid

Good luck Ben! Enjoy the day and celebrate like mad when its all over!! Love Trolley xxx

Donation by Trolleydolly on 21/04/07


+ £2.82 Gift Aid

Good luck Ben, enjoy yourself and let me know how you get on xx

Donation by Miriam Dix on 21/04/07


+ £5.64 Gift Aid

Good luck tomorrow Ben xx

Donation by AdDa on 21/04/07


+ £15.94 Gift Aid

Hi Ben, this is money for a DVD Joanne did for me. Hope to see you Sunday. Good Luck.

Donation by JaquiF on 20/04/07


+ £1.41 Gift Aid

Hoping the weather's not TOO lovely for you - will look out for you & cheer you on!

Donation by TheOriginalPrincipessa on 20/04/07


+ £5.64 Gift Aid

All the best, run like the wind!!

Donation by The Durrants on 20/04/07


Winning donation from Take it or leave it. Good Luck on Sunday

Donation by Kate Wheeler - Tiger Aspect Productions on 19/04/07


Donation by anonymous on 19/04/07


+ £5.64 Gift Aid

Just keep those nifty swifty feet going Ben. Good Luck. Hope you get a brilliant time.

Donation by Ruth (Newlife) on 19/04/07


+ £2.82 Gift Aid

Good luck Ben, whatever time you make will be fantastic! Rather you than me!! XX

Donation by Marian on 18/04/07


+ £5.64 Gift Aid

I feel so proud that my friend can achieve this - good luck.Love you x

Donation by REA LAWRENSON on 18/04/07


+ £5.64 Gift Aid

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