Braiden-Lee Prescott has stage 4 neuroblastoma. Three year old Braiden-Lee and his family went to the United States at the end of 2012 so that he could receive the Children’s Oncology Group neuroblastoma treatment. This treatment was not be funded by the NHS and cost in excess of £200,000. 

Unfortunately in February 2013 Braiden was found to have relapsed. The family will be returning to the UK so Braiden can have further treatment and to assess if there are any other potential trials or clinical treatments that can help him.

If you can help, please make a donation to the Neuroblastoma Children's Cancer Alliance UK, or organise a fundraising event to raise money for Braiden-Lee's Appeal. 

 Braiden-Lee's Story

Braiden-Lee Prescott was born on 7th August 2009, a much loved first son to Wayne and Stephanie. At the end of 2010 Braiden-Lee became a big brother to Tyler and he took to his role like a very proud duck to water. He is a happy and cheeky three year old boy who loves Mickey Mouse and Thomas the Tank Engine.

But one day in the middle of February 2012, parents Wayne and Stephanie noticed that he had started limping. 3 days later he also developed a temperature, so Wayne and Stephanie took Braiden-Lee to the doctor. The doctor said that he couldn’t actually see Braiden limping, but checked his leg anyway. He thought everything was fine and prescribed him some paracetamol for his temperature.

Despite this Braiden-Lee didn’t get better, he got worse. Wayne and Stephanie took him to Leigh walk-in centre. After the Triage assessment, Braiden-Lee was rushed into a side room, stripped down to just his nappy where he had a fan directed at him to cool him down for half an hour.

The walk-in centre arranged for Braiden-Lee to be transferred to Wigan General Hospital where medical staff ran a range of tests on Braiden-Lee. Their initial diagnosis was of septic arthritis, and they transferring Braiden-Lee to Manchester Children’s Hospital. Following x-rays and ultrasound to his hips, they found some signs of ‘thickening’ which they thought confirmed the septic arthritis diagnosis.

Braiden-Lee went into surgery for an hour and half, and his hip joint was washed out to get rid of the infection. The surgeon told his parents that he had not found any signs of infection and was happy with Braiden-Lee following the operation.

However, after a few weeks and a course of intravenous antibiotics in hospital Braiden-Lee wasn’t getting any better, so staff gave him a CT scan of his abdomen and legs followed by an MRI scan. The MRI scan and they found “something” in his legs, hips, pelvis, in a few vertebrae in his spine, and a mass in his abdomen behind his tummy.

The oncologist spoke to Wayne and Stephanie and told them that the tests had shown Braiden-Lee did not have septic arthritis. This was when Braiden-Lee’s parent got the devastating news that the doctors thought their precious son had either had leukaemia or neuroblastoma.

Braiden-Lee needed more tests and three hours in the operating theatre where they did a bone marrow biopsy, a biopsy of the tumour in his abdomen and fitted a Hickman Line into his chest.

The next day the bone marrow biopsy results confirmed the frightening news: cancer cells had been found. Just days later the tumour biopsy confirmed the diagnosis of stage 4 neuroblastoma.

Three year old Braiden-Lee and his family went to the United States  before Christmas 2012 where Braiden-Lee started the Children’s Oncology Group neuroblastoma treatment protocol, which uses the antibody ch14-18, and cytokines IL-2 and GM-CSF. The treatment Braiden-Lee will receive in the United States is not available in the same format in the UK, where anti-GD2 and IL2 or just anti-GD2 alone are available as part of a trial. The treatment was not be funded by the NHS and cost in excess of £200,000.

Unfortunately in February 2013 Braiden was found to have relapsed. The family will be coming back to the UK so Braiden can have further treatment and to assess if there are any other potential trials or clinical treatments that could help him.

Braiden's dad Wayne said, “I find it hard to put into words how devastated we were by the diagnosis of neuroblastoma, but we’ve done our best to pick ourselves up and be strong for our little man. He’s our inspiration, a very special little boy and he is a true fighter.

"Thank you to everyone who has tried to help Braiden. We ask everyone to please carry on supporting his appeal so that we can give our son a chance of beating this terrifying disease." 

 Please give as much as you can afford, or hold a fundraising event to help Braiden-Lee and other children like him - call the fundraising team on 020 7284 0800 to find out more.

Every donation, no matter how small, helps.

All donations are paid into NCCA UK’s general funds to further its general charitable purposes.  The funds raised by this Journey are not restricted for Braiden-Lee’s use.  However, the trustees of NCCA UK have agreed to designate funds raised by this Journey to help Braiden-Lee and his family pay for potential future treatment costs and all other associated costs including travel and accommodation.  If Braiden-Lee no longer needs the funds, or if the trustees decide, at their absolute discretion, that the funds should be used for a different purpose, they may redesignate all or part of the funds for NCCA UK’s general charitable purposes.  We are very grateful for your charitable donation.  For further information about NCCA UK and how we spend donations, please see our FAQs


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“All donations are paid into NCCA UK’s general funds to fund our charitable activities. Our charitable activities include: funding a child’s treatment against neuroblastoma, as well as sponsoring research, and promoting education and awareness of neuroblastoma.”

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£10 donation from nanna and grandad for our grandson for not doing the ice water challenge , we love you little man xxxx

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Truly insperational little boy xxx

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my donation to braiden lee ,my grandson ,for the sock on cock , I love you braiden ,xxx

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from a lady called India , to braiden with love ,from Manchester royal who is very poorly ,

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for calendars bought for braiden lee, lots of love from nanna and grandad reece ,we love you braiden,xxx thank you to everyone who bought one ,x

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with all my love little children

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Good luck little man. Hope it helps raised by cake sale at school by my 7 year old and my Zumba ladies. Xxx

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