Allah's messenger (s.a.w.s.) was at his most generous during Ramadan'.
Please contribute a sadaqa donation to the new Cambridge Mosque
This Ramadan, on the 30th of August / the 21st night of our blessed month, Channel S (UK satellite 814, live stream:  will host a LIVE APPEAL in support of building the first purpose built mosque in Cambridge and the first fully eco-friendly mosque in Europe.   The mosque will follow models of sustainability and renewable energy coupling them with a design that uniquely reflects the city of Cambridge and the surrounding area.  (The architect of the mosque, Marks Barfield is the same person who designed the London Eye and the Kew Treetop walkway).
This Ramadan, we need your help.
The goal of the Cambridge New Mosque Project this month is to inshAllah raise £1 million by the 30th of August / the 21st night of Ramadan, the night of the LIVE APPEAL. 
One night. One million. 
In order to reach this goal, so many of us across the country and the world for that matter are banding together to raise funds for this necessary and important cause. All of you, with your generous donations, in your near and far corners of the world can help us make the first purpose built mosque in Cambridge a reality.

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The Cambridge Mosque is located in the historic and significant town of Cambridge, UK. Its mandate is to meet the needs of the Muslim community in the UK and beyond by facilitating good practice in faith, community development, social cohesion and interfaith dialogue.

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Charity Registration No. 1065784

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Sadqa for my daughter Fatima s dream she had two days ago . May Allah swt accept this humble contribution and ward off all evil from her . ameen sum Ameen ,

Donation by Anonymous on 25/06/15

Sadqa for myself to ward off all evils ameen sum ameen

Donation by Anonymous on 18/06/15

Sadqa for my dream of yesterday and sadqa for me to overcome hurdles in my life . Ameen sum ameen

Donation by Anonymous on 09/06/15

Donation by Anonymous on 02/01/15

Donation by Anonymous on 29/07/13

Donation by Mohammad M Zuberi on 22/10/12


+ £50.00 Gift Aid

Donation by humira ali on 27/08/11

Donation by Runa on 27/08/11

Donation by Abdul-Malik Sheikh on 27/08/11


Donation by G Kibria on 27/08/11


Family donation please do dua for parents,grandparents niece , family and ummah

Donation by R K on 26/08/11


+ £8.75 Gift Aid

Donation by Anonymous on 06/09/10

Donation by Omar Hamza on 30/08/10


+ £28.21 Gift Aid

Donation by Majda Hassoun on 30/08/10


Donation by The Maj on 30/08/10


Assalamu Alaikum. Dear brothers and sisters please donate generously for such a worthy cause.

Donation by Khalku Karim on 30/08/10


+ £28.21 Gift Aid

Donation by Sara Hanifa Rizvi on 30/08/10

Donation by Aref Noormahamud on 27/08/10


+ £28.21 Gift Aid

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