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Closed 29/10/2020
The Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Foundation

Last Night A DJ Saved My Life - COVID-19 Relief Appeal

This is an URGENT appeal to help our partner charities in developing countries & their communities to survive the drastic effects of lockdown and post lockdown whilst they try to prevent the spread of the virus.
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Closed on 29/10/2020
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Set For Love Live Streams aims to continue creating the worlds biggest collective DJ livestream. We are uniting DJs all over the globe, inviting them to stream a set for love to raise funds for our Covid-19 Emergency Appeal. This mega music marathon takes place over three days from Friday 19th, 20th & 21st June.

This is an URGENT appeal to help our partner charities in developing countries and their communities to survive the drastic effects of lockdown and try to prevent the spread of the virus. Your donations will provide food, clean water and sanitation supplies to the most vulnerable we work with.

In many of the locations we support, people live hand to mouth, day to day. The strict lockdown is disastrous for these people. One day without work can mean no food that day. Even though lockdown restrictions have lifted slightly in some countries the need for your help is still as great as ever in these communities .

Thanks to our trusted relationships at the grassroots level, we can get help quickly and directly to those in most need.

Your contribution can make a HUGE difference! For example, just £20 can feed a family of four for a month in Uganda.

At LNADJ we have long believed that harnessing the power of music can create a huge difference and literally save lives. Now, in the midst of this global crisis its needed more than ever.

We will be working specifically with the following 6 causes / communities:



**Just £15 will provide a family with clean, safe water for the next ten years!

In the midst of this global pandemic, clean water is even more important than ever - to stop the spread of the coronavirus as well as water borne diseases. Yet sadly, we live in a world where 785 million people do not have access to clean water nearby and a staggering 2 billion don't have access to proper sanitation.

Our partner organisation on the ground are trying to provide clean water for as many people as possible so there able to wash their hands properly and carry out sanitation practices to fight the spread of coronavirus and other diseases.



**Just £20 can feed a family of 4 people for one month.

Our partners on the ground in Uganda have shared with us the grave nature of the current situation there.

As many people live hand to mouth day by day, if they can't work that day they cannot eat that day. A lot are small subsistence farmers who sell their crop at the local market as their means to make a living. Forced into lockdown and unable to go to market to make money, they are left with no choice but to eat their own produce but are without the money to buy seeds to replant. They are running out of food and money at an alarming rate.

£20 buys 10 kgs of maize flour, 3 litres of cooking oil, 8 kgs of beans , 2 bars of soap and 3 kilograms of sugar.

£83 buys a seed pack & food sustainability. Well supply vulnerable families with a seed pack containing the following: improved maize seeds, improved bean seeds, ground nuts, cassava cuttings, sweet potato cuttings and banana suckers. With the seed pack we are looking at having people food secure and they can sell off the surplus for an income. The money obtained will help them to plant the next season.

We have also identified particularly vulnerable groups of people in Uganda that our campaign will reach out to. This includes the elderly, widows, single mothers, people with disabilities, those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS and some unemployed youth in the community. We will supply them with items like posho (maize flour), sugar, soap, cooking oil, powdered milk, salt and firewood.



**£55 will support a family for 1 month.

Feathers Tale Children's Village was conceived and started, due to the work of Share Tanzania. They operate in rural Tanzania, in the foothills of mount Kilimanjaro. The goal has always been to alleviate poverty, and improve the lives of vulnerable children living in the area.

At the core of Feathers Tale are children with special needs and disabilities. Due to the demands of poverty, work and no support, parents with special needs children often have no choice but to leave their children alone whilst they work. Some parents are sadly even made homeless by the demands of raising a special needs child alone, which is how our first special needs child arrived at our gates.

All of the children living there have underlying health issues which makes them particularly vulnerable to COVID-19.

Some of the children have HIV, sadly the stigma surrounding the virus still exists in the community. Others were troubled and traumatised children, whose relatives could not cope.

£55 provides a family with basic living needs (food, etc) as well as hand sanitizer, antibacterial soaps, face masks and a lesson from a social work team about health and safety.



Angels Gate is based in Moshi, Tanzania and houses around 26 boys who were previously homeless. Sadly many of the boys have endured very difficult times living on the street, due to this the children living here need a little extra care and attention. Aside from the hunger, and lonely nights sleeping on the street, sadly many of the children become involved in drugs, and many are also abused and raped on the streets by the gangs of older men.

With on-going counselling, home education, and school education and 24 hour access to our on-site "big brothers" and carers, we do our best to help the boys to heal, and move on from where they have been, both physically, and mentally. Some boys of course can't manage at school after all they have faced, and so options for vocational training, or artistic pursuits are also a necessity for their fresh start in life.



**£21 feeds a family for a week

Bantar Gebang is a small village out of Jakarta/ Indonesia.

It has the largest uncovered landfill of South-East Asia with the size of 110 hectares, around 8.000 tonnes of Jakarta's waste are arriving here daily.

Approximately 20,000 people are living within and around the landfill. Most of them, including children, are earning their income by collecting plastic, electronics and metals and selling them to the recycle companies. These families are living in and from the landfill.

Since the COVID-19 case, many of these companies have shut down due to the price drop of the materials and many waste pickers have lost their jobs. Their families are now struggling to eat.

We will be providing weekly food packages which contain : rice 5kg, instant noodles 10 pks, 1L cooking oil, chicken Serundeng 1 box, salt 250gr, eggs 1 box, big canned sardines, tea bags 1 box, home made Meal 1 box (catered by "The Kingdom of BGBJ)

One package's estimated costs 330.000 Rupiah = approx £21 & provides enough food for a week.



**Just £13.20 is enough to feed a family for ten days.

We will be working with our partner children's charity Chora Chori in their emergency outreach plan to provide food relief in three districts - Lalitpur, Jhapa (the tea plantations in the east) and Dhanusha (a very poor District in south Nepal)

We are targeting resources at the communities who don't qualify for government relief as they are not Nepali citizens - although they have lived in Nepal for generations. This is particularly the case in Dhanusha, where 75% of households have men working in India as migrant labourers. Or at least they were before COVID - now they are out of work and under lockdown in India.

The border is also closed so there is no way of getting back home. So women and children from these marginalised communities have no money, no food and no husbands/fathers.

We are extremely committed to being as transparent as possible .After the event we will collect images from all of the projects above & will share them as soon as possible & will also report back from all of the projects your donation will be supporting.

Please leave your email if you want to receive the updates.



Its great to see the electronic music community coming together & making a difference!

Many thanks, from all of us at Last Night A DJ Saved My Life


About the charity

"Changing lives, saving lives" We create fundraising initiatives for the electronic music industry & beyond to support grassroots projects that make a difference to the lives of children and young people both globally and in the UK.

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