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Islamic Books Distribution (Ethiopia) 2023

Donate towards the distribution of more than 1000 Islamic Books across Ethiopia and be part of an amazing Sadaqah Jariyah opportunity aiding Imams and their students with Islamic knowledge in sha Allah!
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Alhamdulilah last Ramadan, we gave you all the amazing opportunity to donate towards this campaign and with the BEST 10 Days upon us in Dhul Hijjah, we continue to give you the chance to be part of this excellent Sadaqah Jariyah which will impact the lives of many people!

It was narrated from Ibn ‘Abbas that the Messenger of Allah ﷺ said:

“There are no days during which righteous deeds are more beloved to Allah than these days,” meaning the (first) ten days of Dhul- Hijjah. They said: “O Messenger of Allah! Not even Jihad in the cause of Allah?” He said: “Not even Jihad in the cause of Allah, unless a man goes out with himself and his wealth and does not bring anything back.” (Sunan Ibn Majah 1727, Sahih)

Phase 1 is underway with our team in Ethiopia distributing the Islamic Books using the funds raised during Ramadan. Donate or Start fundraising towards Phase 2 of the distribution of Islamic Books to benefit Imams and their students in various madrasas in Ethiopia, and in turn Build Your Jannah with SRF!

Target = £5,000. We have £2,900 remaining to raise in sha Allah.

1 Book = £5!

Donate ANY amount or 'Start fundraising' and be part of this AMAZING Sadaqah Jariyah project! Regular updates on this project will be on our social media pages, in sha Allah.

In two powerful ahadith, our Prophet Muhammad (s) mentioned the HUGE importance of being part of Spreading Knowledge initiatives that will continue benefitting you after your DEATH (Sadaqah Jariyah).

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said: "When the human being dies, his deeds end except for three: ongoing charity, BENEFICIAL KNOWLEDGE, or a righteous child who prays for him. (Sahih Muslim 1631)

And he (peace be upon him) said: "Whoever calls others to GUIDANCE will have a reward like that of those who follow it, without that detracting from their reward in the slightest..." (Sahih Muslim 2674)

The precious Islamic Books that will be bought and distributed include - 3 in 1 (40 Hadith, Usool Thalatha, Kitab Tawheed), Bulugh Maram and Tafsir ibn Katheer (4 volumes).

In sha Allah, the aim of this project is to transform and enhance the lives of the people in the various villages by providing them a means to increase their knowledge about Islam and generations after them too by the mercy of Allah.

This is TRULY an amazing opportunity to Build Your Jannah. May Allah purify our intentions, allow this to be a successful project and accept our deeds.

100% Sadaqah Jariyah | 100% Donation Policy | Not Zakat Eligible

If you would like us to set up your Just Giving fundraising page so you can set your own target and raise towards this project then please contact us: or WhatsApp: +447934843912

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Account name: Seeking Reward Foundation

Sort Code: 40-11-18 | Account No: 54765796 | Ref: Books 2023

Any surplus funds from this campaign will go towards our Spreading Knowledge Fund to be used on future Sadaqah Jariyah projects, in sha Allah.

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Seeking Reward Foundation solely works on Sadaqah Jariyah projects. Our aim is to provide you opportunities to be involved in deeds that will benefit you even after your death, inshaAllah. Our unique charity operates a 100% donation policy. So what's stopping you from seeking reward?

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