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My Mito Mission

Regan's Mito Mission

Welcome to Regan Nash's mission to raise awareness, support, funds for research and hopes for a cure for everyone with mitochondrial disease. Regan, 10, fights the progressive impact of mito every day. Please support Regan and his family - thank you.
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Hello, Im Regan Nash. I am 10 years old and live in Cradley Heath in the West Midlands with my mum, stepdad, brother Kai and sister Laci. I want to be 18, drive an orange car and feed a panda - because I love pandas!

Melanie Morris, Regans Mum tells the familys journey with mito:

Regan was premature and had some health problems from birth. As he got older his health grew progressively worse. In 2018 Regan had a muscle biopsy test which showed that he has MTT1 - a rare form of Leigh Syndrome, which is a mitochondrial disease.

Because this form of mito comes from the mitochondrias own DNA which is carried maternally, I was tested too along with my other children. We were also found to have it, but in a less severe form.

Unfortunately, 98% of Regans cells carry the faulty DNA. It has caused severe development delay, twisted legs, balance problems, very weak muscles, spasms and cramps, speech problems, epilepsy and autism. He uses a wheelchair, his right side is losing all mobility and the condition is now attacking his eyesight.

We're watching Regan die slowly. I suffer from terrible anxiety as I'm scared of losing my child. There's no cure, he's just on medication to make him as comfortable as he can be for the time he has with us. Its all the more difficult to cope with because theres so little understanding and very limited support. Thats something we want to help change.

Despite everything he has to go through Regan never stops smiling. Hes got such a wicked personality - he will laugh at anything and is a complete inspiration to us.

Please do anything you can to help us raise awareness and hopes of a cure for mito. Thank you.



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Peter & Christine Beal

6 months ago

You're doing an amazing job raising awareness Regan. You and your family are true MITO HEROES! xox


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My Mito Mission
My Mito Mission

Our missions are run by families affected by mitochondrial disease, mito for short. MILLIONS in the UK have illnesses which also involve mitochondrial damage - diabetes, MS, stroke, some cancers & many more. More research into mitochondrial disease could help so many, not just those with mito.

Charity Registration No: 1176616


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