The 4566 Preservation Group

Join Hands to Restore GWR Locomotive 4566

We want to restore Great Western Locomotive 4566 to its former glory so that people can enjoy riding behind the loco and learning about her history.
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In the heart of railway history lies a piece of heritage, a symbol of innovation and progress - the Great Western Railway steam locomotive 4566. As we stand on the precipice of time, it’s our responsibility to ensure that the echoes of the past remain alive for future generations. The restoration of this magnificent locomotive beckons, and your support can make all the difference.

A Historic Endeavour

The task at hand is not merely restoration; it’s an ode to the craftsmanship and engineering brilliance that characterised a bygone era. The 4566 Preservation Group has undertaken the mammoth project of restoring locomotive 4566 to its former glory, a task that carries a price tag of approximately half a million pounds.

Why Restore?

Restoring locomotive 4566 isn’t just about fixing metal and bolts; it’s about preserving a piece of history that has shaped the world we live in today. It’s a tangible connection to the past, a moving testament to the evolution of transportation, and a living reminder of the pioneers who laid the tracks for progress. This locomotive embodies the very essence of steam power, and its revival is a chance to rekindle a sense of wonder in the hearts of both young and old.

Your Role in the Journey

We invite you to be a part of this remarkable journey. The restoration of locomotive 4566 is a monumental task that requires the collective effort of enthusiasts, history lovers, and those who understand the value of preserving heritage. Your contribution, whether it’s a one-off donation or an ongoing commitment, will fuel the restoration process and ensure that this locomotive stands as a proud symbol for generations to come.

Making a Difference

Every penny you contribute takes us a step closer to the goal. Your support will fund the painstaking process of sourcing authentic materials, employing skilled craftsmen, and adhering to the strictest safety standards. It’s an investment in keeping history alive, fostering educational initiatives, and igniting the curiosity of future generations about the power of steam.

In an era where technology moves at an astonishing pace, it’s imperative that we honour and preserve the roots of progress. The restoration of locomotive 4566 is a clarion call to all who cherish history, rail enthusiasts, and individuals who value the continuity of legacy. Your support will not only restore an iconic locomotive but also revive the magic of steam power for generations to come.

Let's come together to ensure that the rhythmic chugging of locomotive 4566 graces the tracks once more - a testament to our commitment to heritage and a gift to the future.

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The 4566 Preservation Group

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