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PTSD At Work

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Help us raise £4000 to fund a dedicated training event for small/medium UK businesses. We will be focusing on trauma awareness and mental health in the workplace, in order to educate UK employers on how to support their employees.
Charity Registration No: 1185089

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At some point in their life, a person will experience trauma.

The after-effects of trauma can cause a significant impact on a persons life and in some cases, completely destroy it.

A recent study showed that the average British worker will spend around 3500 days at work during their lifetime, making it so important for workplace leaders to create the correct culture for their employees.

Whilst larger organisations are becoming more aware of the need to focus on their employees mental health, smaller organisations do not always have the resources or budget to follow suit.

PTSD At Work are on a mission to change this and work with these businesses throughout the UK.

We know that leaders create change, they are after all, responsible for making decisions that affect their businesses and ultimately their employees. So we know that if change is going to happen, it has to come from the top. So, with this in mind, we have launched our #StartAtTheTop campaign to help drive change through business leaders and raise funds, to host a training event for UK businesses on trauma awareness and mental health in the workplace.

We are committed to raise £4000, to fund a training event for small/medium UK businesses to educate leaders on trauma support and mental health in the workplace - please help us, so we can help those in need.

We are encouraging small/medium business owners/directors/senior managers, with up to 65 employees, to become a LEADER@Work. We want you to become advocates for trauma support in the workplace and understand how to support your employees who have experienced a traumatic event. Although not every person who experiences a trauma will develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), all survivors of trauma will need some form of additional support from their employer. This could be to ensure that they settle back into their role and are able to manage any anxiety and stress that they may be dealing with, without feeling like they need to keep it to themselves.

PTSD At Work's mission is to provide grants to small to medium sized businesses throughout England and Wales, so that they can attend dedicated training on PTSD support. We will continue to work with these businesses on the completion of the training, to help them create a supportive workplace that promotes a positive mental health culture.

These training opportunities do exist, but with some courses costing companies as much as £200 - £400 per person to attend, small to medium sized businesses are not always able to take advantage. Our founder, Nathan Bowen, wants to enable more businesses to access these valuable training courses by providing grants to pay for members of management or HR Departments to attend and then continue to work with them to help implement key practices in their business.

So please, fundraise for us and donate what you can, to help us to support survivors of trauma manage their working life and raise awareness of PTSD.



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About the charity

PTSD At Work
PTSD At Work

PTSD At Work helps people suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) manage the challenges they may experience in the workplace. We do this by raising awareness of the condition, offering support through our website and funding dedicated training for UK businesses.

Charity Registration No: 1185089


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PTSD At Work