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Closed 30/11/2023
Woodfield Animal Sanctuary


We need your help urgently , we have hit a critical point after a year of the heaviest vet bills , which are still overdue . In this financial crisis, affecting all of us , trying to pay this bill off monthly , has put a huge strain on the Sanctuary
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Closed on 30/11/2023
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vet bills August 2023.

Vet Bills ,O'Grady,Chessie , Amigo and Others


When we rescued O'Grady from the hillside in March, he was so emaciated we had to carry him into our trailer and off to the Vet Clinic in Carmarthen. After he had blood tests the Vet warned us, that even putting him on a drip he might not make it. He had a damaged liver and other organs due to months of going without food and water .

After spending a week in the Clinic on a drip he was allowed home to the Sanctuary.

But on Vets advice, he had to be picked up to stand , for several weeks he was unable to get up at all . So he was lifted up onto his feet, every few hours night and day to help his recovery. At long last we began to see him improving, and our Vet was absolutely amazed and pleased with his progress!

O' Grady will live at the Sanctuary for the rest of his life.

He loves meeting people and can often be seen munching away on the lawn!!

Please come and see him.


Amigo came in one day last Autumn very weak hardly able to stand !He had to have the vet every few days, he had a very rare condition know as Hypertriglyceridaemia and the prognosis was extremely poor.

He grew weaker and weaker. Despite the Vet explaining it was most unlikely he would ever recover from such a serious condition, we set about feeding him liquidised feeds with honey and glucose by a syringe, every few hours day and night. I did all of the nights, and our staff did some of the day time.

At long last in January this year he greeted me with his head over his door. It was the best feeling in the world. From that day on-wards he slowly started to gain his strength back. He has enjoyed this summer out with his friends.

In addition to Amigo this year we had a large amount of colts to castrate, microchip and passport. Often our Vet would be here most of her day, with her nurse, castrating high numbers of rescued colts.

Several mares who were brought in, all had serious health issues , one mare had to be put to sleep actually on the operating table , because during an operation at our vet clinic, it was discovered she had very serious Cancer in her face.

We have had the highest number of Orphan Colts this year.

We had a serious health scare this year in the early Spring, every one of our 75 rescued ponies had to be tested for Strangles.

Although we did not have a single case of Strangles , the cost of tests was enormous , and from now on any new rescue is tested for strangles before coming into the Sanctuary. This added to our already enormous vet bill.


This year we were called out to see a mare in trouble giving birth on one of the Commons. It's a mare who has at some point, like so many of them, been abandoned there. We rushed over to help and called our Vet out straight away.

The RSPCA were called out to dart the mare, as she was totally unhandled. The vet spent from the morning until 1 am as we all did.

That vet bill was over £800 plus many of her drugs on top of this as well.

These are just a very small handful of ponies, who this year have added to our already high vet bills.


We had a young mare who came in with nose bleeds, she was totally emaciated and had a young colt with her. After arriving into the Sanctuary, our Vet said she needed to have an operation to find out why she was loosing so much blood and struggling to breathe .

Sadly when she was opened up it was too late to save her , she had Cancer in the bones in her face. Very sadly, she had to be put to sleep, on the table, so at least she never knew anything.

It was a very very sad occasion, driving home from my Vet with a tiny foal who we named Bonito, in the back of our trailer.


About the same time an emaciated mare and foal came in from a local Common, We had to carry the mum into the trailer as she was too weak to walk , she also had a colt foal, the vet met us in the Sanctuary and was horrified at the state of the poor mare nothing more than a skeleton.

She said the mare would not last an onward journey to the clinic so we did what we could to make her comfortable, sadly she passed away that night leaving a beautiful grey colt behind. We named him Dylan, Our whole team of staff and Volunteers were devastated, We cried for days .Dylan and Bonito became firm friends both having lost their mum.


Woodfield Animal Sanctuary was founded in 2013 by husband and wife, David and Robbie. They moved from London to Gower, South Wales to retire. But didn't "quite turn out that way! A few hundred rescue animals later, and here we are.

Over the past 10 years, they have rescued horses, donkeys, cows, sheep, pigs, dogs, cats, rabbits. The animals they take in are very poorly and many are disabled. These are not animals that most Animal rescues , especially horses rescue Sanctuaries would take in . They require constant care and a lot of regular veterinary intervention. This comes at a cost

Not only this, but the cost of grazing, shelter, feed, and bedding. These bills run into the tens of thousands every year. David and Robbie have spent their life savings on caring for these animals and now we are desperately asking for your help.

The rise in the cost of living has affected the nation and they completely understand that families have had to make cuts, one of those cuts being donations to Woodfield Animal Sanctuary.

This has left us them in a crisis. They have outstanding vet bills which need to be cleared and they are really worried about the upcoming winter period, right now they cannot see how they are going to get through.

Please can you help them to keep going , even a single £1 a month can make all Thank you so much for your ongoing support.

About the charity

In 2013 we moved to Gower to retire but after seeing so many abandoned and emaciated ponies we turned our home into a Sanctuary for them as a “save haven” to be cared for and rehabilitated. We have rescued over 300 animals, only accomplishing this with the generosity of our wonderful supporters.

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