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Dear All, many thanks to those who have made donations to this appeal. On behalf of Terry I'd also like to thank Ann and the ex-pat community in Brunei who did an amazing fund raiser.

Please watch the new video, Terry Dukes The Homecoming, the link is below. There was very bright sunshine as Terry flew in, it was an amazing morning all round. Terry is now at Portsmouth Hospital. Doctors have told the family they are not sure what will be the extent of Terry's recovery as the injury to his brain is very serious. His mum is visiting him every day now and Terry is breathing without a ventilator for the first time in weeks.

Thanks for reading and for caring.


Terry Dukes, has lived in Borneo for almost twenty years. He was a diver and marine biologist and worked to help preserve the coral reefs and beautiful marine ecology. He spent years navigating and mapping the seabed of the North West coastline. There are many uncharted shipwrecks lying on the seabed, some relics from WWII and these provide shelter for marine life, acting like coral reefs. 

Please see this link to a website of Terry’s detailing some of the wrecks he had located.  

Tragically on 11.01.12 Terry had a serious accident in Brunei and since then Terry has been gravely ill in the RIPAS Hospital.  Terry needs intensive neurological treatment to recover and due to complications Terry’s insurance will not cover the cost of his medical care. Terry was insured with DAN (Divers Alert Network) for years but due to a little publicized change in 2010 many divers like Terry, have been caught out thinking they are insured where they are not. Please see this link for the changes to DAN.

Royal Brunei Airlines have been extremely kind and made provision to repatriate Terry back to the UK by stretcher on one of their commercial carriers. But when medics from the UK company, “Mediaviation” arrived in Borneo on 11.04.12 they stated that Terry was too gravely ill for repatriation on a commercial flight and the only way Terry can be brought back to the UK is in an air-ambulance. Mediaviation took their fee (£7200) but Terry remained in the RIPAS hospital.

On 24.04.12 Terry’s mother, Mrs. Jane Dukes, age 88 and invalided, spent the day in the UK passport office getting a new passport. Once turning eighty years of age she didn’t expect to travel abroad again, but with her son so gravely ill Jane was determined to risk her own life to travel to Borneo to nurse Terry. 

Please use this YouTube link to see a 3 minute video of Jane Dukes’ visit to the passport office: 

It was after we were let down by Mediaviation that I wrote to His Majesty the Sultan of Brunei. Well known to be a compassionate and generous man, I reached out to the Sultan, telling him of Terry's plight. Within a few weeks HM the Sultan responded, agreeing to sponsor an air ambulance. We were all overwhelmed by HM the Sultan's generosity and sensitivity to this case. Please see these links for more on HM the Sultan of Brunei.

Thanks to HM the Sultan of Brunei Terry is being flown back by AirMed Terry will go straight to the Neurology Centre at Southampton General Hospital. 

But what of his future? In Brunei Terry lived and worked with his beautiful Japanese girlfriend Nami, they were planning to marry. Nami cared for Terry while he was at the RIPAS hospital, but she cannot afford to fly to the UK and even if she could there is nowhere for them to be together. Terry is going to require long term care to help him recover from his brain injury. As soul mates, it will be extremely painful for Terry and Nami to be apart and we sincerely hope that one day they will be reunited back in their beloved Brunei paradise - where they can resume their marine conservation work.

Please give generously so that Terry Dukes receives the specialist treatment he needs.


Thank you. 



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Donation by Anonymous on 19/07/13


+ £2,375.00 Gift Aid

I am so sorry to hear about what happened to you but I really hope that you are getting better every day. I will be thinking of you. Love from Julie x

Donation by Julie Crawford on 22/02/13

More bikes sold!Thank you to all of our kind customers at A&V who have donated & to those who have made donations through the Cottage Cafe.

Donation by Vince Faithfull @ A&V Trade Sales on 09/10/12


+ £100.00 Gift Aid

Dear Terry. Keep fighting. I'll look forward to sharing brighter times with you.

Donation by Grant Reeves on 27/06/12

Dear Terry We are so pleased to know you are making good progress. keep it going until you fully recover. Jenny and Sam

Donation by Anonymous on 16/06/12


more bikes sold terry also kind donations from mr morby with his new bike and mr adamson with with his new suzuki many thanks to them again

Donation by a and v tradesales on 09/06/12


+ £20.00 Gift Aid

more bikes sold keep it coming

Donation by a and v tradesales on 02/06/12


+ £3.75 Gift Aid

4 sold today terry and a donation from trojan cars keep up the hard work terry and get every one to place more donations

Donation by a and v tradesales on 01/06/12


+ £6.25 Gift Aid

Sorry to hear you are so unwell, hope you get better soon.

Donation by Pete Miles on 31/05/12


+ £5.00 Gift Aid

second bike sold terry hear you are improving all the time

Donation by a and v tradesales on 30/05/12


+ £1.25 Gift Aid

first £5.00 donation of a bike sold and matched by the customers mr and mrs pooley with there new vfr 800 many thanks

Donation by a and v tradesales on 30/05/12


+ £2.50 Gift Aid

Dear Terry Thinking of you and wishing you a full recovery' Love and best wishes. Doreen

Donation by Doreen Porter on 29/05/12


kind regards hope you make a full recovery

Donation by peter and hilary horsley on 29/05/12


+ £5.00 Gift Aid

Dear Terry, We wish you a speedy recovery to full health. We are looking forward to seeing you soon. Much love Eileen -Anne and Tom xxxxx

Donation by Eileen-Anne & Tom Witham (Terry's cousin on 28/05/12


Wishing you a speedy recovery Dukesy

Donation by Julian Burrows on 27/05/12


+ £5.00 Gift Aid

very sad keep at working hard terry and lets get behind vince and raise some money every one

Donation by jackie and mark vincent on 26/05/12


+ £2.50 Gift Aid

get better soon marc battye trojan cars

Donation by marc battye on 26/05/12


+ £25.00 Gift Aid

Donation by Sue Collier on 25/05/12


+ £5.00 Gift Aid

a donation from Malcom Reeves of southsea

Donation by malc reeves on 24/05/12


+ £12.50 Gift Aid

terry you are working so hard mate please keep at it and keep inproving i am going to keep visiting and on to you until you do

Donation by vince faithfull on 24/05/12


+ £50.00 Gift Aid

Terry, get well soon.

Donation by Lily on 23/05/12


Dear Terry Get well soon, wishing you a speedy recovery. Love Judy

Donation by Judy Hollis on 18/05/12


Terry Remember the wind in your hair. The water over your body. Be Strong, Get well. Love Rat and in memory of Stew

Donation by Karen Bath on 18/05/12


Donation by Anonymous on 12/05/12


Get better soon Terry, I know Matt misses you.

Donation by Claudia Nouelle on 10/05/12


+ £1.25 Gift Aid

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