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Over 15,000 children in Africa have been tortured, killed or abandoned in Africa after being accused of witchcraft.  

Please do whatever you can to help.

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Raising money for

Safe Child Africa

Safe Child Africa

Charity Registration No. 1112476

Safe Child Africa fearlessly protects children in danger, including those accused of witchcraft. For many, only Safe Child Africa will fight to protect them.

Raising money for

Run by Safe Child Africa

Charity Registration No. 1112476

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Donation by Amy Hay on 01/02/12


Donation by Cassandra Ciardi on 01/02/12


Donation by Anonymous on 13/04/11


Good luck!

Donation by Judith Bent on 12/04/11


Hopefully, even a little bit will help.

Donation by nitebyrd on 08/04/11


As promised on my blog, a £50.00 donation.

Donation by Musings of a Pagan Hacker on 07/04/11


If we all help only a little - much can be achieved <3

Donation by Sabrina Underwood on 02/04/11

I'm always sad to see people persecuted for witchcraft, and the fact that these are children who aren't witches at all only makes it worse.

Donation by Sarita Rucker on 02/04/11


You rock, Kris! Wish I could do more, but my heart is in this humble donation. :)

Donation by Nydia Macedo on 01/04/11


I wish I could give more but this is all I can afford right now. My heart goes out to those children.

Donation by Mrs. Marie S. on 01/04/11


Wish I could do more, already broke from donating to environmental causes!

Donation by Kathryn Hughes on 01/04/11


I hope this helps those children. Many they all be blessed.

Donation by Judy McGarrah on 31/03/11


I wish I could give more, do more, but my prayers are with all who suffer and feel alone. You are not alone and you are loved.

Donation by Rebecca Beaulieu-Rodriguez on 31/03/11

Good luck in reaching your goal, what you're doing is certain to help a lot.

Donation by Perth Pathfinder on 31/03/11


I hope this helps. You are doing a wonderful thing! Good luck reaching your goal!

Donation by Bella Foxglove on 31/03/11


Good luck reaching your goal!

Donation by Angela Holtz on 31/03/11

I'm glad to help. Let's hope both the awareness and funds make a profound difference. x

Donation by Lyn Thurman on 31/03/11


+ £2.82 Gift Aid

Go, Mrs. B!

Donation by Lithia Brigan on 31/03/11


Blessings for starting this fund. I am glad to be able to help.

Donation by Kestril Trueseeker on 30/03/11


Goddess bless these precious children. I wish I could contribute more.

Donation by Bridgett Nelson on 30/03/11


Donation by L Creed on 30/03/11


Sending out good x3

Donation by Sosanna on 30/03/11


I just want to help

Donation by Ashley Harris on 30/03/11


Wish I could do more

Donation by Tracey McLeod on 30/03/11

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