We've done it!!!!!!!  We have enough to buy a powerchair (£21041) AND two docking system (£1150 each) to clamp the snapdragon into our car and Louis' school bus.  Thank you all so much!

Any money donated here from 20/12/2010 will go towards other kids such as four year old Daniel Morgan who, like Louis, needs a Snapdragon to get around.  He will be starting school soon and a Snapdragon will mean he can go to a mainstream primary and cause as much mischief as the other kids!!

Thank you soooo much to everyone who has donated, helped run events, run around places or supported us in any way.  It has been quite incredible how wonderful everyone has been.  It has only been 10 weeks since we got our first donation on Just Giving and we couldn't have dreamed that we would have raised the money so quickly!

The Snapdragon has been ordered and the parts have been delivered to the factory.  Now that we've reached our total they will be able to start making it!  It is a long process but hopefully it will be ready in 12-16 weeks.  No fast automated robotics like a car factory - everything is custom made to fit Louis and his particular needs.  


Louis is our gorgeous son.  He'll be 3 years old in January.  Louis is bright and full of life, always wanting to explore the world around him.  However, Louis can't walk unsupported, he can't stand unsupported, in fact he can't even sit up without help.

We don't have a diagnosis for Louis.  The doctors at the Sick Kids have been investigating since he was one year old but we're nowhere near an answer.  The Sick Kids will be sending us down to London for tests so fingers crossed at getting a diagnosis.

Limited mobility at a young age can restrict opportunities for learning and exploring the child's environment. So early access to mobility is essential for development.  We want Louis to have as close to the same mobility and choice as any other toddler and this can be achieved with a powered chair with height adjustment - but it doesn't come cheap at £21,000!


Louis has been accepted as a beneficiary of The Turbo Trust.  The donations given on this page can go towards Louis' Snapdragon chair (and it'll be assumed that you would prefer them to).  However, if we raise too much money or if we get a magical cure for Louis and he no longer needs a powerchair then the Turbo Trust will ensure that any excess money raised will go towards helping other kids like Louis who also need a  Snapdragon powerchair.  

If you are a UK taxpayer the Turbo Trust can receive gift aid on your donation (28% - yaay!!) and in addition, some or all of the Gift Aid raised may also go towards Louis’ powerchair.  If you only want your donation to go towards Louis, then you can still donate on this page but the donation will not be eligible for Gift Aid.  If this is your choice please let us know.

Donating through JustGiving is simple, fast and totally secure. Once you donate, they’ll send your money directly to Turbo Trust and make sure Gift Aid is reclaimed on every eligible donation. 

Thank you so much :-)


Raising money for

The Turbo Trust

The Turbo Trust

Charity Registration No. 1116374

The Turbo Trust provides the most versatile and advanced technology available – powerchairs which give three-dimensional motion. We aim to provide each individual with the greatest possible range of movement to access as much of their environment and take as active a part in life as possible.

Donations 203

After reading Louis story in the Sun I was so moved by his courage and wanted to help others like him.What a inspirational gorgeous happy wee boy.

Donation by Gail Williams on 12/03/11


+ £2.82 Gift Aid

Wonderful story. Good luck Louis and all others this helps.

Donation by Chris Ball on 11/03/11


+ £2.82 Gift Aid

What a wonderful, inspiring video. Hope all targets will be reached.

Donation by Elizabeth Bundy on 11/03/11


+ £1.41 Gift Aid

Donation by Heather McClure on 11/03/11


hope you get lots of donations to help all the children get the equipment they need good luck

Donation by anne ranachan on 11/03/11

Donation by StudioLR on 24/01/11


hope you've had a good xmas, and a happy new year - fan of TQ

Donation by Utility on 31/12/10


Best of luck guys!

Donation by Sooty on 29/12/10


+ £2.82 Gift Aid

Wandered over from TQ. Happy Christmas to the Digitals.

Donation by Anon from TQ on 22/12/10

We are friends of Ron and Alison and want to help Louis and his friends get mobile!

Donation by David, Caroline and Iain Hare on 22/12/10


+ £70.51 Gift Aid

Donation by Ruth McNeil on 22/12/10


+ £1.41 Gift Aid

Best wishes, for a Happy Christmas, Louis

Donation by SDS Arbroath Careers Centre on 22/12/10


+ £26.79 Gift Aid

And 'Hi' from TQ

Donation by Win-Stone on 21/12/10

Hey! From TQ too, hope you have a lovely Christmas and congratulations on raising the money :-)

Donation by @funkyfishkc on 20/12/10


Money raised by staff in Constitution Directorate, Scottish Government through a Christmas Raffle. Happy Christmas!

Donation by Ken Thomson on 20/12/10


TQ fan here. Best of luck with everything!

Donation by Anonymous on 19/12/10


From TQ.... sending you Christmas greetings

Donation by Hel on 19/12/10


best of luck with everything :) sent from TQ

Donation by Louise M on 19/12/10


+ £4.23 Gift Aid

Also sent from TQ. Fantastic that you have reached your target! Hope this peedie bit helps too even though it's a bit late.

Donation by Helena Dearness on 19/12/10


+ £2.82 Gift Aid

TQ sent me. Happy to add a little to pot. Best of luck with the snapdragon, I've seen how much that device can change a life.

Donation by h. on 19/12/10


I've only just caught up on the blogs I read, so only just found out about this from TQ. I'm glad to be able to make your lives that little bit easier

Donation by Hugh on 19/12/10

TQ sent me as well. Happy Holidays Louis - hope you have as many wonderful adventures as he does.

Donation by Jane Gallagher on 19/12/10


TQ sent me too.

Donation by Rosie Allister on 19/12/10


You go, Louis! TQ

Donation by Linda Adye-Whitish on 19/12/10

Hi, just visiting from TQ. Merry Christmas Louis!

Donation by Alison Magill on 19/12/10


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