Dyslexia affects 6 million people in The UK -

Including my son, who without the extra support and expertise of the British Dyslexia Association would have no hope of reaching his potential.

So to help raise awareness and money...please support me and donate alittle..and just think of all those miles i`ve got to run ...and black toes and sore legs and...

Donating through Justgiving is quick, easy and totally secure. It’s also the most efficient way to sponsor me: British Dyslexia Association gets your money faster and, if you’re a UK taxpayer, Justgiving makes sure 25% in Gift Aid, plus a 3% supplement, are added to your donation.

           Thank You..

Thank you so much to everyone who supported me..managed 3hrs .58 on a very hot day. The crowds were amazing and the organisation superb and as for those boys in bay watch costumes..well...

And to think all those people were runing for charity...

So Thanks again.....Felicity

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British Dyslexia Association

British Dyslexia Association

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The British Dyslexia Association supports people with dyslexia and their families through a UK-wide network of local dyslexia associations and a national helpline. The BDA also campaigns to raise awareness, break down barriers and create a dyslexia friendly society.

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What I brilliant experience....if anyone out there is thinking of doing this you wont regret it...I feel quite privaledged to have played a part

Donation by Felicity on 11/05/09


+ £24.54 Gift Aid

Thank you....

Donation by Elaine on 08/05/09


Thanks for all the support ! but probably never again...

Donation by Felicity on 30/04/09


+ £56.41 Gift Aid

Thanks...never again ! maybe !

Donation by Vivienne on 30/04/09


Nearly recovered ! Thanks -..

Donation by Joyce O`Driscol on 30/04/09


thanks so much...

Donation by emma , lyn and howard on 30/04/09


thanks so much

Donation by john white on 30/04/09


Well done on a brilliant run - you're a star!!

Donation by Sue on 29/04/09


+ £5.64 Gift Aid


Donation by jannette on 27/04/09


+ £2.82 Gift Aid

Thanks girl friend

Donation by Brenda on 27/04/09


+ £1.41 Gift Aid

Don't forget to take some biscuits

Donation by Robin & Sue on 24/04/09


+ £2.82 Gift Aid

To another BDA runner - good luck on Sunday!

Donation by Wendy & Alissa on 24/04/09


+ £1.41 Gift Aid

Only 6 days to go......

Donation by Luci on 20/04/09


+ £1.41 Gift Aid


Donation by Carla on 15/04/09


+ £1.41 Gift Aid

Good Luck

Donation by Grant on 13/04/09


Thanks boss !

Donation by Gale on 13/04/09


+ £1.41 Gift Aid

Thanks......arnt work colleagues the best !

Donation by Kate on 02/04/09


+ £2.82 Gift Aid

Mainly from selling bits on ebay ! ....

Donation by Felicity on 28/03/09


Raised by my Mum

Donation by Mum on 28/03/09


Donation by Edith and Michael on 28/03/09


Good luck!!

Donation by Tony Seymour - Ocean Designs on 16/03/09


Thanks aswell to michaela and paul

Donation by Felicity on 03/03/09


Best of luck!

Donation by Dianne & Tony on 12/02/09


Not only are you clever, you're also very thoughtful

Donation by The Gill Family on 27/01/09


+ £28.21 Gift Aid

money raised

Donation by felicity on 20/12/08


+ £12.13 Gift Aid

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