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Mamz & Jay's 20/20 Challenge

I am raising money to build Eye Camps for Al Mustafa because Eyesight is one of the GREATEST BLESSINGS of Allah

68 %
raised of £3,000 target
by 45 supporters

Al Mustafa

Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust is a registered non-government organisation (NGO) working on a non-profit basis whose aim is to alleviate poverty and provide medical and social development assistance to the poor and vulnerable around the world. We specialise in providing free health care to the poor.

Charity Registration No. 1118492


Asalaamu Alaikum WaRahmatullahi WaBarakaatu!

My dear brothers and sister it's that time of the year again! Yup Alhamdulillah the blessed month has arrived when all our good deeds are multiplied 70 times! When better to give sadaqa??!

I am raising money for a cause close to my heart, it's for Cataract Eye Surgery for our beloved brothers and sisters around the world. Cataracts are an easily treatable eye condition here in the UK, a simple 20 minute surgery free under the NHS and Alhamdulillah it's gone. 

But unfortunately in poorer parts of the world this luxury is unavailable and this easily treatable condition causes blindness due to lack of treatment available.  


BLINDNESS.. From a condition that is so quickly treated in the UK..? How does that make sense?

Eye sight is one of the most greatest of blessings of Allah, one of the most important senses we have. Imagine not being able to see your mother? Your child? Imagine living in a blind world of darkness.. It truly is unimaginable, a life without our eye sight. Something we all take for granted.

I want to raise as much money as possible for these people that are BLIND from cataract, so that they too like our parents n grandparents in the UK, can have the surgery to regain their eyesight back. 

Surgery to reverse blindness.. You'd think it costs thousands right? Nope. £35 is enough to cover one persons surgery. As little as that. £35 to give someone the gift of sight. SubhanAllah, imagin because of your money someone can see to read the Quran again. What a beautiful gift. 

I want to raise £3000 which will build 3 eye camps Insha'Allah . Its an optimistic amount but I know it's possible with the permission of Allah!!

I have a challenge for you all... I want everyone to take part!!

It's called the 20/20 challenge! I want all of you to donate your £35 (or more), and then in the next 20 days I want you all to get another 20 people to do the same.. And tell them to do what I've asked of of you- donate their £35 and get another of their 20 people to do the same.. And the chain can continue :)

We can do this guys!!