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365 steps without chocolate

giving up chocolate for The Fairtrade Foundation because they tackle poverty by changing people's future!

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The Fairtrade Foundation

We work to make international trade fair to help communities in developing countries

Charity Registration No. 1043886


Hello :)

I'm giving up cacao (incl. chocolate of course) in all kind of forms for 365 days to fundraise money for the Fairtrade Foundation.

With this personal challenge I aim to raise awareness and money for Fairtrade Farmers in Third World Countries. More than one third of people in the world live of under $2 a day, most caused by unfair trade! This leads to child labour which means these kids get no education (an unknown future) and their families often don't have enough money for food and medical treatments.

The Fairtrade Foundation estimates the cost of bringing Fairtrade to a new farmer and his or her family to approximately £150. I am hoping to raise a great amount to help more farmers to become Fairtrade!

The question of whether to put myself through it is not one to be asked if I can help changing a person’s life or that of their family by simply giving up chocolate for 365 days.

So please support me and dig deep and donate now to make a difference!

Also, go ahead and spread the word and share this with everyone you know, because taking 365 steps together is much easier than alone!

Thank you,


Ps: If you would like to find out more about '365 steps without chocolate' please visit my blog.


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