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Pedalling for Parkinsons

400km, 4 days for research for Parkinson’s UK because better and more research makes living better

111 %
raised of £1,300 target
by 65 supporters
  • Event: London to Paris Cycle with Discover Adventure, 03 Sep 2014 to 07 Sep 2014

Parkinson’s UK

We offer support and fund research to find a cure for Parkinson's

Charity Registration No. 258197 and Scotland SC037554


Courage… who is MollyMoo?
Unfortunately my uncles' family poodle MollyMoo passed away a few weeks ago. She was one of the reasons getting Johnny out of the house. He'd walk her 8 times a day. And it's uncle Johnny who was diagnosed with having the neurological condition Parkinson's disease over 15 years ago. He's one jolly soul. His partner, my uncle Geoff, dotes on him, helping to abate the condition through administering the regime of daily pills.

They still work to the hallmarks of being outgoing and hospitable types. Maybe coming from a pattern of behaviour of years running the Lyndene hotel up there in Coronation Street, Blackpool, in the England's North West for, well, let's say donkey's years.

What type of support?
So, on Sept 6th this year I arrived in Paris having cycled nearly 500km from our starting point in Blackheath London. (Yes we rode a bit further than we at first thought – but let's pay no bones to that! I had the will and determination to do). So the cycle is to raise awareness and money for the support charity Parkinson's UK. 

Understanding the situation?
The Parkinson's is a massive daily struggle for both the sufferer and carer. But when I visited these two gents – my uncles, Johnny and Geoff at Christmas last year – it was then I saw how very brave they are. They couldn't have given anyone a more welcoming stay.

There's a staggering million people who live with Parkinson's disease in Europe today. And so financial support is also part of the puzzle. Shockingly, by 2030 the number diagnosed is forecast to double to two million. So more money invested in research gives more people better ways of living and coping with the disease.

Please donate and then continue to help me spread the word! Pedal on!

Keep the wheels turning:

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  • A fantastic arrival posse. Couldn't have asked for a better way to get into Paris.
  • Out and proud to be supporting the charity Parkinson's UK.
  • The 17 strong Parkinson's cycle group. Together here at the Eiffel tower after having cycled 300 miles. A sum total so far is £23,000… more is needed… +5