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48 Hour Gameathon

Playing League of Legends for 48 hours for SpecialEffect because they are very inspiring

30 %
raised of £1,000 target
by 18 supporters


We help disabled people to enjoy life through technology

Charity Registration No. 1121004


Thanks for taking the time to visit my Just Giving page.

On April the 19th 2013 My Self and my good friend Alex will be playing and streaming League of Legends for 48 hours in aid of Special effect.

 The Stream will begin at Midday (12pm GMT)

The Stream will be located on my chanel:

The Events Facebook page can be located here:

Please visit for more information on what they do.

This is for a very good cause so please spread the word, dig deep and donate now.



Why Are you doing this?:

I am doing this event because I really believe in what Special effect do.  Games have been an important part of my life and I think everyone should be able to experience games regardless off if they are handicapped or not and Special effect allow people with handicaps enjoy what I can do with ease every day.


Why League of Legends:

We have chosen to play League of Legends through this 48 hour period because it is one of our favourite games.  I (Dan) Have been playing LoL for it must be over a year now I got into it due to its style both game play and artistically.  I am a big fan of Riot games and what they have accomplished within the gaming community through the advancement of Esports and how inspirational there story is, starting off as a small Indi company and becoming one of the leading companies within the games industry.


What if the League of Legends servers are down during the event?:

 If for some unknown reason the server are down during our event (preventing us from playing) we will still continue by playing other games throughout our time frame these games could range from Gears of War, DOTA 2, Awesomenauts, Starcraft2, the Oddworld games etc etc we might even take requests.  But this is only if the servers are down :)

Will there be any viewer involvement?:

Yes at certain intervals we will gladly play with viewers in the various game modes within the game  not just ARAM :)


Will you do requests for Donations?:

Yes we will play a certain character (if we have them) for certain donations among other things e.g. if people want to see a Jungle Teemo for a donation I would gladly do that (well I might be annoyed lol) for a donation to the charity :).


Will you be doing anything special throught the event?:

We will try and do things for example Yordle hour in which we will play only yordles for an hour to help gain donations.  We will inform people in advance before we do this and again as mentioned above we will take requests for donations (please be nice as we have to play for 48hours lol)

Thanks in advance :)

Dan & Alex



Hi all to add to the event we have set ourselves Goals/Achievements that we will do when we reach a specific monetary goal in our efforts to raise £1000 for Special effect they are as follows:






Title                       Goal       Description


Yordle time         £100      


                                Yordles only for 5 games regardless off the position we are playing




Super Supports £300      


                               Only allowed to play support characters for 5 Games regardless of position e.g. Jungle Sona




Troublesome Teemo      £500      


                                We will play 10 games as Teemo that includes jungle




ATMOGS             £700      


                                We will play 5 games where we will only buy 5 warmogs and an atimas




Who said I have to go ap?            £900      


                                We will play 2 games where we build an AP character as AD




Random Role     £1000      


                                Call a role and we will random and lock in as the hero and play that role regardless of who it is for 3 games





Viewers choice  for every additional £100      


                               For every additional £100 we will take a request from a random donor (higher donors take priority) and let them decide how we build and who we play etc