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Five Fat Idiots

terrified beyond belief, but running/crawling for Cancer Research UK because we are proud fools who crave attention

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  • Team members: Jonny O'Neill, Jamie O'Neill, Mike O'Neill, Anthony O'Neill, Jon Dean
  • Event: Greater Manchester Marathon 2013, 28 Apr 2013

Cancer Research UK

We pioneer life-saving cancer research to help beat cancer sooner

Charity Registration No. in England and Wales 1089464, Scotland SC041666


The last one was nearly the end of us....

...."Never Again," we swore to eachother. Rituals took place, running shoes were burned, and we did some stuff that JustGiving won't let us publish on the internet.

We were free. Free to get "fat & happy". The sun shone brighter, we suddenly appreciated birds singing in the morning. All was right with the world.

April 29th 2012 was the wettest, coldest, windiest day imaginable. We were ill-prepared. Thousands ducked the run, stayed in bed, thus avoiding the very real chance of pneumonia and toe-amputations.

The three of us will never, ever tell anyone the full story of what happened that day, or how we got each other through it. The things we said...the things we did...the deals we made with all manner of Gods & Demons. Like Phil, Alan & Mitch, we took a wolfpack-like oath. It was finally over.....

Shit. (Read on below)

It's not over at all.

Our re-occurring nightmare is, well, re-occuring. And there are two more demented fools along for the "ride". Jon Dean & Anthony O'Neill: Can you believe it? We are delighted they are doing it, but at the same time utterly devastated for what they will experience over the coming months, and the day itself of course.

This site WILL change over the coming months. There will be pictures. There will be videos. There will be blood.....(and lots of male weeping, and I am not referring exclusively to tears. Wounds also weep, and there will be plenty of that).

The 5 of us are doing it for Cancer Research UK. We all hate this disease and wish it would, frankly, fuck off.

However, this won't happen without charities like CancerResearch....or the fools like us who try to raise money through physical torture. Crucially though, it comes down to the wonderful people who donate. That's YOU. Yes YOU. So while I'm aware we're a little poorer than previous generations, please give what you can, and we'll dream up some ridiculous antics to justify any & all donations.

If we dont smash our target - especially with the 'buzz' our new team members WILL generate - then I'll be a monkeys' Uncle. I will also resort to Robin Hood-esque tactics, and steal from the greedy gits who are stains on our society. Suggestions welcome. Peace out people xxx


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