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Fundraising for Barnabus

102 %
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  • Event: Salford Dragon Boat Festival, 21 May 2017


We support homeless and vulnerable people to provide positive hope for the future

Charity Registration No. 1174410


Hi guys,

Some of you will already be aware, here at Boss we're always trying to come up with different ways to raise money for charity either individually or as a team effort. 

This year we have decided to take part in the Salford Dragon Boat Festival to raise money for Barnabus which is a Christian Charity based in Manchester that helps the homeless, vulnerable and socially deprived.  Living and working in Manchester we see first hand the plight of homelessness and the hardships people have to face.  No-one, should have to live this way, so the more we can do to help this situation the better.

Any donation towards such a good cause would be greatly appreciated by all the team participating including everyone at Boss HQ xxx 

Now let me introduce you to the team helping to row our Dragon Boat to victory:

Tris (Speedy Gonzales) Gage: We're hoping he can row as fast as he runs, which is currently at Mo Farrah's pace. Although in the meantime he might need to curb the family size chocolate bars he eats every day!

Debs (the Boss Boss) Burns: Although her preference is usually contorting into impossible Yoga and Pilate shapes, not one to shy away from a challenge Debs' flexibility and secret kayaking skills are not to be messed with.

Jennifer (the Captain) Overend: All I
 can say is I'll be putting my terrible guitar skills to good use when
banging that Dragon Boat drum! And being the only one having to sit ON
TOP of the boat - I'll be hoping to stay dry!

Matt (Second in Command) Peacock: Everyone’s favourite Action-Man. He climbs mountains and wrestles bears for fun, he surfs and snowboards on his bare feet but let's see if his Popeye sized arms can get us round like a powerboat.

Lauren (Spiderman) Mellor: Although she looks like one of the girls, she planks like She-ra and climbs like Spiderman, her upper body strength is second to none! Bringing it for the girls!

Gareth (G-dog) Bancroft: Is definitely our secret weapon and strategy man - he's already put everyone on strict instructions and seating arrangements have been allocated to distribute weight evenly.  The guy is a master mind!

Ed (Joop) Wilding: Teaming up his trademark scent with his part time boxing skills, Ed's going to feel more like he's on the set of Dreamboats and Petticoats - he'll make us look like it too (swoon)!

Bart (Style Child) Baxter: With his perfect and pristine hair he'll be ensuring everyone's technique is on top form, no splashing the Boss Boat, the hair can't take it!

Tom (Cheeky) Craig: Swears he’s really an angel.  He definitely looks the part with his tailored Sailor outfit, so we're hoping his 6ft long arms are more feisty than his blue steel face.

Richy Rich Barker: Usually flying solo with his Jujitsu and motorbike riding - this is the one day he'll need to leave his full leathers at home (and preferably his beard) otherwise G-Dog's weight distribution plan might just be flawed.

Chris (Einstein) Urwin: On par with G-Dog's strategic thinking, we're hoping that Chris' athleticism is as qualified as he is on paper - endless!  We'd need a whole new Just Giving page for his post-nominal letters alone!

Patrick (The Padman) Reekie: If this was a football competition, Paddy would easily have it in the bag for us.. So let's hope his paddle work is as good as his fancy (nearly pro) foot work.

Sophie (Green Eyes) Miller: Don't let the blonde hair and green eyes distract you.  Sophie the pocket rocket might look like a Goddess but she'll be paddling like 10 men!

Robyn (The Robster) Bragg: The Robster makes wearing cat ears sexy / fashionable and remarkably normal.  She has an American accent so good you'd think she was native to the states and she works out to 'Joe Wicks the Body Coach' for fun - so this Dragon Boat is going to be a breeze!


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