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Jaxon was just two years & four months old when he died from meningococcal disease, on 24 March 2011.

He was 7lbs 12oz when he was born and we loved him from the first minute we set eyes on him.  He was blond like his dad and looked like us both with Chris’ eyes and my mouth.  

Our extended family shared in his life; he was the centre of everybody’s life.  His grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins were very attentive and played a full role.

Jaxon loved football, but nothing was more important to him than Mickey Mouse.  When he was about two years old we took him to a Mickey Mouse Tribute Day.  He was mesmerised! He also loved cartoons.

We took him to Spain when he was five months old and he had also been to a baby concert when he was only around six months with his Granddad, or as Jaxon would have said ‘Grandra’.

He was healthy as a baby and also when he was a toddler, but on 23 March he took ill and the following day was rushed to Ulster Hospital, critically ill.

At the hospital we were asked if he had been baptised and since he hadn’t they called the chaplain who arrived immediately and carried out a lovely service.  

Shortly before 10pm we were given the devastating news that Jaxon's heart had stopped. They had just resuscitated him for the second time and as we watched his heart stopped again.  We then made the heartbreaking decision for the doctors to stop.

Jaxon died at 10.12pm on 24 March – he was two years and four months old.   As a family we all got to cuddle him one last time and to say our goodbyes.

The day of Jaxon's funeral was, and always will be, the hardest days of our lives.   As a family we wanted to do him proud and we believe we did that by giving him such a moving send off.   We made sure there were little personal touches that Jaxon would have loved like the playing of his favourite Mickey Mouse song and the releasing of balloons.  

I will carry Jaxon in my heart always and I know his dad does too.  We are all devastated by the loss of our beautiful, clever, loving, happy little boy who was just developing a wonderful personality.  The light in our life has gone out but I am so glad that he was our little boy, even for such a short time.  

In his time with us we believe he did so much for so many and had a positive effect on everyone he met.  He taught us how to love.  I am not very religious but I sometimes think that Jaxon is an angel who visits people when they need help.  I know Jaxon changed my life and Chris’.  I am so glad he was mine for two years and four months.

Jaxon’s Remembrance Fund will keep our precious little boy’s memory alive, so that he will continue to do good forever. Please contribute.



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