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John Moorcroft's fundraising, 8 February 2011

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Thanks to everyone for their suport and help with my training. I did 153m DNF in the Great Northern UK pool compettion at Liverpool Aquatic Centre on the 10th and 11th March. My performance  stood as a UK record for about an hour :) I took 2nd place in the DNF.

I  did 5' 17'' static and 150m DYN on the second day giving 3rd place in the combined static and dynamic competition.  So I'm really pleased. 

Now I've got ot start training for the depth competition in Chepstow :) in May.


Many thanks to all of you you donated last year. 

It is so important that Haitains receive ongoing help.  There are still hundreds of thousands still homeless 2 years on from the earthquake.  People in the counrtyside are facing mass evictions from land they have occupied, together with forced repatriation of many from the neighbouring Domincian Republic.   There have been cholera oubreaks in some areas and to cap it all there is the threatened return of Baby Doc Duvalier in January. 

I'm off to Tenerife in february to train in my depth disciplines of  constant weight no fins CNF and constant weight CW for one week so hopefully I'll be able to push the depth a bit in time for the UK competition at the end of May this year.  I also have the UK pool competition to train for for which is on March 10th /11th. This year i'll be competing in all 3 disciplines.

So if you didn't manage to help out last year, please sponsor me in my forthcoming events. Check out the update from Community Disaster Relief.

For the UK pool competition at the Aqautic Centre in Liverpool in March I will be competing in  dynamic Apnea no fins (DNF) dynamic apnea with fins (DYN) and static apnea (STA).

For the depth competion in May to be held at the National Dive Centre in Chepstow (26th/27th May  I'll be competing in  Constant weight (CW) (swim down with fin) and constant weight no fins(CNF) (swim down with no fin). 

One competition down... two to go. I managed a respectable 130m in the DNF event, taking 1st place which I was very pleased about :-). Thanks so much to everyone who has sponsored me and supported me in my training so far

Thanks for taking the time to look at my page. 

As we all know on the 12 January 2010.  Haiti was hit by an earthqauke that caused unbelievable deavastation and whilst the humanitarian response has been massive, one year on there remain over 1 million people homeless (an estmated 380,000 are children). The people of this country need our ongoing support to rebuild their lives. 

Why help Haitans?

Haitians are no strangers to suffering from the violent slave uprisings which marked the birth of the country, to the internal social turmoil of the Duvalier era, chartacterised by waves of political killings and intimidation by the Tonton Macoute. The military coup and foreign interventions of the Aristide presidency and subsequent rebellion in 2004, has left the country in political turmoil ever since.  Above all the history of this country, together with famine and disease epidemics, mainly caused by recent hurracaines has left its people amongst the poorest in the world. A similar story is repeated in many countries the world over but I reckon Haitians deserve every ounce of compassion and support we can muster… so help if you can.

I’m taking part in two UK  free diving competitions with the aim of  being sponsored  to raise as much money as possible to go to Community Based Disaster Recovery in Haiti

The first is the Great Northern Indoor Competition at the Liverpool Aquatic Centre Wavertree Liverpool, on the 14 March 2011, which is the UK national completion for pool based free-diving disciplines. I will be competing in the dynamic apnea without fins (DNF). discipline aiming to swim as far as possible underwater without the use of fins or any artificial propulsion. This is my best pool discipline and in the past I’ve done distances that exceed the current UK national record. (132m). I’m not at the top of my game anymore but at my current level of fitness I should be able to complete around  100 125m (that’s 4-5 lengths of a standard 25m pool).

The second competition is a depth event (destination and date to be decided) where  I will be competing in two depth disciplines; constant weight without fins (CNF) where the diver swims down to an inscribed maximum depth  to pick up a tag and swims to the surface and presents the recovered tag to the judge; and Constant weight  (CWT) where the diver is allowed to use fins or a monofin.  Based on my current training trajectory I’ll be aiming to do about 40 m in the CNF and 60m in CWT.

I'm looking for sponsorship per on a per metre in any or all of the events.. or a lump sum for taking part ...if you don't want me to have to suffer for my art :-).


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